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Adam Robinson Jan 2018
Staring at white cockroaches
Crawling on blue walls
Paint peeling
Pain fleeting
Pandemonium occurs
The giggling from the corners
The sirens from the street
Upstairs chained to the bed
In the attic
So to speak
Downstairs stuck in the basement
In the dungeon under the leak
The white cockroaches never stop coming
From the cracks in the walls
Albino brethren
Wail of noise
Get Out Of My Head
Adam Robinson Dec 2017
All I see is him.
Every face.
Every look.
Every tear.
Every cut.
Every clench.
Every smile.
Every laugh.
Every goof.
Every time.
All I see is him.
When I dream, I dream I see him in the sun.
When I dream darkly, I wake up and I see him on the floor dead.
When I dream, he's on the bed next to me.
When I dream, he's there and not gone.
All I know is him.
It's the silence.
It's the pain.
It's the ounce of virtue against the blackest year.
It's the body.
It's the beauty.
It's that one time he took his shirt off and looked at me.
It's the hallucinations.
It's the rocking.
It's that time I took his sadness and choked on it halfway.
All I know is him.
Say it to the baying trees.
Say it to the wind.
Say it to the open window.
Scream it into the shower.
Say it on the phone.
Say it on the documentary screen.
Scream it into the dark.
All I feel is him.
Say it to the friends.
Say it to the counsellor.
Say it to the stranger.
Screamed it at myself.
Said it to the memories.
Said it in my calling.
Say it to myself when I fall in disgrace.
All I need is him.
Looking under green lights.
Look towards hollow hills.
Looking for a reason
Just to hold back and say nothing
All I need is him.
Looking over pages.
Look to the new lover.
Looking for a cure.
Just to stop the bleeding.
All I eat is him.
I eat his sorrow.
I eat his history.
I eat his remembrance.
And devour his black blood.
All I eat is him.
I eat his confessions.
I eat his luck.
I eat his nemesis.
And devour his absent affection.
All I want is him.
All I care about is him.
All I should have is him.
All I worry about is him.
All I can't remember about is him.
All I tear myself over about is him.
All I **** is for him.
All I call is for him.
All I own is for him.
All I do is wait.
For him.
Get Out Of My Head
Adam Robinson Dec 2017
I did not see your swarm
O Holy crocodile
A sweet disaster
A monster of madness
You crawl into the mouths of men's hearts
Turn them inside out
Alligator dreams inside their minds
Ripping open its seam
You're a nightmare of red
With fangs of silver
And a flash of green
Your roar gives off a unworldy scent
Between worlds of gore
Not of long lost lore
Your warmth is poison
Your love unravels
Your bite is cancer
It kills with inspiration,
So sleep further than the blade of its knife
Or suffer endless obessions
Throughout the rest of your pitiful life.
Get Out Of My Head
Adam Robinson Dec 2017
I want to prove Death doesn't exist.
Succeed in making it bleed
Make it leave everyone alone
Kick in its hollow eyes
Rip away its drapes and shrouded cloth
Punch away it's aching bones
Smash in its diamond skull
While I'm left starry eyed
I will stamp on its black pet
A serpent or cobra of deadly bite
Chimera of decay
A boot serving as its last victim of sight.

Oh if I could just say it how it is
I could have danced with a ghost
I can see beyond the twisting veil
It's writhing silk and foggy matter
Seducing and covering over what there is to see
As I held the corpse in front of me
Rotten and shattered
It's true soul passes away
It's funeral years ago
It's form slipping away from my fingers
The sun-drenched façade of heavens face
Ebbs away and becomes a winters grave
thus I saw Death's hubris
in its fashioned curse

I could almost see the dark angel
As it fled into my heart
Get Out Of My Heart
Adam Robinson Dec 2017
Do you know how hard it was to watch you on TV?
I saw it all again in a blue rush
The smoke from a cigarette blown just in from the garden door
Your broken needles and stupid little games littering the floor
A black coffee and a dusty bed
Us talking for hours while the sun falls and rises from the dead
Crowed parties of your own design
You looking at me from them
A gulf in a crowd
Making me laugh in my small crimes
We liked the way our dreams worked
Together in each other's bedrooms
Floating in your eyes I see the soul spin
Of heavenly physics clouded in fun and evil
To see all that in your face
Is not to see God
or even any abject grace
But its been a year
and you're talking to the interviewer
Shepherded and meek
Cared for another I see it all in that week
You're Talking to the TV
rather than at me
The grass is rarely greener
sights of when you see her
Alone and discarded,
I see you now on the screen
Eyes so hollow
near your bike -- you're so lean
It was painful and insufferable
the inhumanity of your stare
I'm killed by cruelty
or even maybe by my silence
You're talking to the TV
Rather than to me
But my tears are becoming moonlight
one day they'll be sunlight
then just light
A violent light of my own
And not light dredged up from you.
Get Out Of My Head
Adam Robinson Dec 2017
I hate codeine
It takes away the love
Warms the spine and festers the marrow
Blurs the sight and fades the memory
Like scrawled handwriting on brown paper in the rain
Melting away into the ground
I hate codeine
I hate codeine
For what it did to you
Get Out Of My Head
Adam Robinson Dec 2017
Looking through heavens eyes,
I can see that motion picture highlight.
Over and over,
Like an opal dream inside the TV screen.
It's curves and swirls,
drawing us in,
Maybe in another life I won't fall,
But I'll leave it all up to you,
In passion or fright,
Down passages never took,
Through gardens we daren’t not look,
Into burning books,
5 deaths maybe more,
To make a serenade of hearts beat forever,
Inside plastic cages or outside on our hill,
The flow of hearts is endless.
Self-made or self-inflicted,
They come with no choice,
It's a mirror between mirrors,
a look within a look,
a glance within a kiss,
a fever without hope,
And we're all stuck in them,
Like vanities in glass,
Inside magazine portraits to smash.
Get Out Of My Head
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