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You treat me like Aphrodite
Venusian goddess rising
Pearled milky foam
Like clotted cream speckling my dark skin

We tumble 'cross the bedsheets
Hair pooling around me
Tasting each other
Briny saltwater and Earth
Mingling sweat and it-has-been-far-too-long kisses

And I shall never claim another lover
As I have claimed you
And I shall never mount another man
With as much reckless, unbridled
Abandoning as I have you

You treat me like Aphrodite
Shield me from rain
With your oversized coat
Smelling of clean leather and lingering petrichor

You drink from me as if
You were Bacchus
Drunk off my honeyed lips
Like it was fragrant wine

Drink, my love
Drink and be merry
Lay your head on my lap
Let me run my fingers through your
Sunflower-streaked curls
Let me kiss love and loyalty
Into your mouth
Let it be a contract

Love me like Aphrodite
A/n: it's been a while. I've been rusty and out of touch. A lot has happened. I was heartbroken. Now I'm in love. Have been so for a year and a half. This post is about him, my current lover. I don't think words could adequately express our chemistry and mutual devotion. He's saved me.
The palm tree and the star,
              ...are always found together.

The branch and seed of man,
             ...bound by some secret tether.

All initiates in the mysteries,
             ...elicit a truth they find.

The palm tree and the star,
             ...are not just another sign.
Read Hislop's "The Two Babylons."
My army snakes the mountain-tops
as fields and valleys rent,
The first to ever wear the crown;
laws of nature -bent.

Mother was my wife as well; she as me, a god.
Appearing again 'in-the-end'...
Apocalypse; I am the king
******(Nemen + Rud) German and Celtic. "Take," and "Red," ergo the Hebrew translation; "Taker of Blood." Sargon(Sar + Gun) Sumerian, "Serpent," and "Twisting/writhing," snaking; the snaking serpent. An epithet describing the sight of his army moving over the landscape. Serpent is Dragon and Dragon is King therefore the, "head," of the "serpent," or "writhing column of soldiers," is The King; Sargon.

— The End —