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kain Jul 2019
You waved
When I was driving off
It didn't mean much
I know
But it meant a lot
To me
This means a lot to me
You know
The way we talk
The way we play
This game
How many times
Can I tell you
I like your
Whatever it might be
Before you realize
I just like you
In general
Lol this is fun.
Cap Nov 2018
what is now trending
    are expectations unbending
              with insecurities unending
for those people like me
           who somehow "chose"
            to look in the mirror and see
~  only our  f  l  a  w  s  ~
           only the strict laws of beauty
                that our bodies don’t conform to
WA West Aug 2018
Tantamount to the crawlspace where your emotions
are dissembled,
is the animalistic focus in your pointed gaze,
Sketchy eyed with jerky limbed motions,
As elusive as you are always around,
Or so it would seem,
Their eyes fall upon you,
no doubt,
You are a vision,
That I do not and have never questioned,
There is a fundamental lack of
hesitancy in your days,
lately you have looked let down,
Thinking of you,
occurs outside the restraints of time,
I would like to be everything with you.
Jamie Rose May 2017
There is a level between friends and dating
The median is a confusing area
You both like each other and you act like you're dating
But you aren't
From what I've discovered it's exactly like dating but without the title
"Talking" to more than more than one person would be bad
But you aren't dating
You get them gifts and maybe even say you love them
But it's just talking
It's like a trial run for the relationship
Because going ahead and having a relationship would be too much
Ricky Aug 2017
Balance never restored gotta take the time to reach for
A goal but I'm steady taking detours
Depression at its finest couldn't be cured with no diamonds
Cause the void could never be filled
Still be poppin these pills
Every single day is just a cycle
Taking steps to not feel ******
Grasping tight onto a bible
Getting high for all those times low
Aint no place like home inside my mind tho
Theres no winning so this journey almost feel like Shiloh
So maybe I'll take life slow in hopes that I dont plateau
Always been an old soul so my skin I've outgrown
Always been a leader but nobody ever followed
Truth be told is all I want's a better day tomorrow
I've been living with this sorrow
But im glad I got the will to never feel like i have gotta grab the bottle
And im glad I got people I can trust on
Ain't stable by myself feel like I need someone to love on
Another part of me just wants somebody I can **** on
Another part of me feels like he wants to be alone
I've been indecisive for too long im on my toes
I been tryna avoid this feeling of paranoia
Dinner at mamas plate of rice seasoned with goya
This life is not a toy a little toddler destroys a
certain kind of psyche vision dies when he will grow a
Man is never happy hes just grown to be a lackey
A man is never free he slaves to money as a caddy
Lackin fundamentals to survive this hell on the earth
They **** you in your spirit way before you're in a hearse

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Phoenix Jan 2016
Bread and butter
Bones and blood
Air and water
EERRGGGHHH I AM SO TERRIBAD AT POETRY *** I GIVE UP FOR LIKE 20 MINUTES.Write a poem no longer than 5 lines about bread -- every day bread, holiday bread, the best bread, the worst bread, communion bread, Wonder bread, lefse, pita, metaphorical bread, etc, etc. But no longer than 5 lines!
Phoenix Jan 2016
The fringe of my pillow
Makes me cringe quite oddly
As it reminds me of our night out
I singed my hair
Only to binge on Netflix
In the dark with you
I unhinged when you left
Because you left for Vinje...without me!
Use the words fringe, cringe, singe, binge, and unhinge in a poem, and if you can, Joe's bonus word: mandolin. Do not use any end rhymes, whatever you do
Sam Oct 2015
punch numbers in my calculator
kick off my day with a double black
thump my feet to the sound of my cars bass
  boot up my laptop
    before shooting a few hoops after school
what am i fighting for
Lianna Walters Aug 2015
If you hit
Enough times,
Any sentence
Saw this on tumblr and had to post it hahaha
Sam Aug 2015
an i for an a makes the whole world bland
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