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Kayla Perkins Nov 2016
I do things that people consider wierd, but living in a comfortable life, is better than living scared.
People stare as I crouch on my feet, reminding myself I will be home soon, under my covers and sheet.
I wear baggy clothes to hide,
Buried in the warmth, with my low riding pride.
But who is to say what's accepted,
When the world is corrupt and infected.
Yes, infected, by their image of life. Smoothed out like butter with a knife .
They learned to feel it is fine, to go abouts with materials things and fancy wine.
Rubbing their wealth in your face, scolding as if you don't try.. telling you you're a disgrace,
to the human kind.
That's what this world has come to, trampling their own for something to do.
While people like me just try to get by, without anyone noticing or batting an eye.
Curling up into my corner of the world, thanking God that i made it again. For this corrupt world might **** me in.
Fearing that society will point me out like at a zoo. Laughing and awe-ing cuz they can't tell,
if I'm wierd or cute.
This is what its come to if you're not like them you don't exist.
You're mearly something they can tell to their friends.
They don't care if you cut your wrist
or are soon to meet lifes end.
So hide beneath your blankets and sheet, and if knocked down get on your feet. Learn that the world, you have to forgive, and no one can tell you how to live.
Thinking of how we went from cavemen life being what's normal (surviving) and now how it's become material things.
Prepare yourself,
this gets interesting

Have you ever imagined how a hanging body sways.
Back and forth
A human pendulum
The physics between each swing.
The noose,
The body
potential to kinetic energy
And over
And over.
To the dark side of my brain,
The dark side of my art we call poetry.
This is the side not many see.
Because this side of me craves a bullet between my eyes,
My delicate blood to be splattered as artwork.
This is the raw side of me.
That i dont show people
This is terrible you could be thinking
You could be thinking
ive heard worse
And maybe so
But nothing is worse to me than wishing for ******* death,
Rather than looking at a ******* abuser one last ****** time!
ive had enough
I know im crazy.
But every human snaps...
Kind of like the time he snapped my arm
a slight pop
A world of pain.
But stop,
And you could be thinking...
now what the actual **** am i reading
Allow me.
You are reading a lonely 15 year old boy's crazy side.
A side he can easily hide,
But has decided not too.
This is the thought of letting my inner self free just once
Letting my suicide revolver speak only in poetry just once
If you actually care
Dont worry about me.
Im fine.
Im not gonna guzzle bleach
Pop a bullet
Or go for a physics lesson.
Nope im gonna keep living
And writing crazy **** like this.
Let my imagination, though dark it may be, run for a bit.
Heres the truth.
We all have a bit of this side in us.
We all have those thoughts.
Those whispers.
And i resist them, yes.
Because truth is,
its my inner brilliance
The fact that i let myself ease in to the darkness,
But refuse to let it controll me...
Its a true gift.
And i hide it
Behind a thin veil of happieness.
Because in the end,
Only a true lover can make these thoughts mend.
(Wait what the ****!?! Is this a **** love poem)
Well maybe a bit
Its just me
An average guy
Telling you,
Im lonely
And i hope there is someone
To come with me
To be with me
To love me
To hold me
To make me feel whole again.
*do you believe someone could love such a wreched person like me?
Long but nessassary
A faint "hello?"
I turned
"Im scared" even fainter
I stuttered
"This world is too dark"
"But you...youre in a closet"
His only words were,
This world we live in
The voices we often hear
Are nothing but occurances.
Nothing but odd happenings.
This world
Is out of controll
And we,
Have nobody to blame
but ourselves
Our rebellious nature.
We all have a clone in the closet
Scared of everything.
My clone
My other me
Resides there
Watching everything from the dark.
The world's evil is waiting
Like a shark
Hanging around to see the pain.
The world
Is over
It has been
Yet we continue to abide.
To the core.
A place where everyone thinks
Everybody's a *****.
We are outraged by the littlest things.
Im beggining to fall faint
Ive grown tired of this life.
Its used.
I wish we could be something else entirely
Sounds great.
Because im just old me.
Abandoned, if you will.
Im just a poet
That just keeps noticing
Voice in the closet
is wiser than any one of us
Next time you hear them,
**take a listen
Ryan Mar 2016
A Singularity,
we are irregular anomalies.
Through the black hole,
we create our own dimensions.
Have you got it~
gathered together:
your thoughts
lonely night wanderings~
marriage, friendship, stylish rings
sharing many flowers seen in all
throughout your life~
lusts, trusts,
broken, misplaced,
belongings frail
and fragile
tears captured
in chalices
as stargeezery
enthusiasts glee-m~
in memory gathered all of
your lovers
would be the
island on earth
big enough to put them on
to play them all bitter arbiter lonely times
and prepare for the unforgettable party!
Imagined by
Impeccable Space
Poetic beauty
David Hall Oct 2015
rainbow colored  butterfly
floating through my dreams
delicate and fair
full of life and rare

you flutter at my periphery
daring me to touch
always just beyond my grasp

better if I should never hold you
wrap you up inside my palm
within my arms enfold you

for then my dream would end
and I would awaken
with blood and butterfly wings
stuck between my fingers
Animals in Antarctica
All drinking liquor
Ice on the flow of water
Some snow there as well
Zounds of baby walrus shrimp
The have big beards, they are so weird
The baby walrus shrimp!

William James
Storm Raven Jul 2015

Na na na
Unhealthy delicious food

Na na na
So bad so good
A random poem about food
I was bored, lol, forgive me. This just popped in my head
Élodie BLT May 2015
When I'm with you,
I feel like i'm more than the depressive girl i usualy feel like,
When I'm with you,
I feel like i'm wanted and pretty and funny.
When I'm with you,
I feel good and the moment you're gone i keep hearing your voice and your laugh, i keep seing  the way you sake your head to move your hair.
When I'm with you,
you make me laugh and make me wonder if i'm crazy because of how ****** up some of our conversations are wierd,
i love it that way.
I love you that way.
When I'm with you,
I love you,
And when i'm not with you,
I still love you
not a poem again
but I don't BELIEVE in purple bus drivers!!!! :0
the hobbits are coming the hobbits are coming!!!!!
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