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laura  Sep 2017
camel man
laura Sep 2017
happy **** day, **** me
**** you, humpback **** front
don't stop, follow dotted lines
until you find the little treasure spot
get a little wierd with love
get a little wierd with me

you aren't safe out there, kiddo
just stick with me, too much
talk in the office about us
make out behind a filing cabinet
stuck on the phone all day telling
everybody we're going
to be alright, happy hunting
You made my dad a grand father
But he doesn't mind
You've been the son at the back of his mind

You made my ma a grandma
And made her heart glow
Funny she's never loved something that made her feel old

You made my malla and me uncles
It feels kind of cool
To think now after being spoiled we'll be spoiling you.

You made Akki a mom
Or you made it official
I don't think she's been anything less than maternal.

You've made James a dad
And a fine one at that
Time will prove that i'm right and of that I'm glad.

Welcome to the family!
We were born into it too
It's wierd at first but it grows on you.

And we will do our best
To make you feel one
Friend and a loved nephew son and grandson.
So as I sat,
With her besides me
About 2 feet apart
Watching all the others work
I thought of what I wanted to say
And felt cold sweats emerging
It's been too long since I last
Felt this way
Too long since I had to do this
My head turned towards her
But slowly shifted
Heavily breathing
I turned my head again
A little less this time
And looked in the distant,
Hoping maybe she'd talk
5 minutes of this and I had enough
So I gathered some courage
And just blurt out what came to mind
Smirking, she replied back
And as I kept making things up
I realised
I'm not the shyest person in the room
And that's in itself
A rather confronting
Somewhat confusing of a feeling
And as the extent of what I could think
Crossed my lips
There was silence
And we both just sat
Confused to say the least
Wondering if maybe
She just didn't want to talk
When you have to
Hype yourself up before you speak
Repeat and rehearse your conversation
You're never really
In a place to lead conversation
And you'd think
You'd hope
Other's would take this job
But now I find myself stuck
The point,
Ah yes,
The point being
There is none
Thing's just get wierd
Wierd enough
That sometimes
You struggle to figure out
What really happened
2 hours of this
2 hours of silence from her lips
And once we our work was done
She left
Yes, I've written a **** one. But just needed to get this thought out
Marly  Apr 2014
Marly Apr 2014
it's been an awfully long time...
i'm sitting in the wierdest position on my school bleachers.
i refused to do gym because i feel like **** and i can't stand the way you try to get a glimpse of my bare skin.
if i was dying right in front of you, you'd ask me what was wrong instead of taking care of me.
i love the silence between songs.
i don't write on the lines because i want all of my words to be between them.
when i very sad i only notice it afterwards as i survey all of the damage that has been done.
i haven't stopped shaking and i'm surprised i haven't started an earthquake but these tremors seem to only be native to my planet.
my doctor has managed to fit my entire being onto three pieces of paper.
scares me to death.
constantly i switch the song i'm listening to because i'm trying to feel one thousand things at once.
i'm glad that you met me in the winter because things just go uphill from here so you won't be disappointed.
although i can't say that they won't get worse again in the next winter.
even if you're here,
even though winter is my favourite season,
even though the snow cools down my fevered skin,
even though even though even though it's ******* winter and these ******* pills are supposed to make me ******* happy.
i haven't been writing the way i usually do, recently
Piyush Gahlot Oct 2018
Wierd is my situation,
I feel okay being heart broken,
It feels good being sad,
Guess I've found peaceful solitude
in bitter loneliness.
Guess so much depression and anxiety
evolved in wierd positiveness.
I feel calm , I feel composed.
Susan O'Reilly  Oct 2013
Susan O'Reilly Oct 2013
Samhain time

spirits are free

***** and lime

share our company

Smirking at our silliness

smugly knowing we'd scream

if they showed a willingness

to swim in our stream

If there feeling naughty

we'll experience a feeling

something wierd and creepy

our senses left reeling

We'll put it down to atmosphere

or wishful thinking

truth if we knew would cause fear

our hearts sinking

So leave them alone

it's their moment

cause them to groan

and you they'll torment
"Time is valuable, life is priceless, love is confusing, and thought is immortal. Immortality is a thought, but with that thought love of existance is no longer priceless; for valued moments cannot be continual!"

- At the drop of a dime the situation turns critical. Everythings dark with no signs of light. Unknown noises come from unknown sights, mind boggling predicaments flipped by the switch of a light. What was once unknown is now known by only the eyes of the beholders unconcious mind! Never concious! Never seen by the naked eye! Locations thought to be real, are now realized; just ones fantasies.

Who's to say fantasies are not real, as trips through the mind are as unreal as reality alone; Right? Repetitive solemn thoughts are mistakes condoned from wrong Nor right answers untold!

Ones' mind such as my own cannot register such terrorism on ones' soul. Horrid thoughts opposite of such random sights - no answer in my sorrowed tone of visions sought in my fantasies.

As I span for up front answers in what I now can see I cannot decifer the truths from lies. But at the same instant i cannot decide if what slips through my own teeth is rightous and worthy of praise or dishonor. . .

Once I spoke of great realistic prophacies. Future referances is all to be spoken  - for present slips to fast to past - and no time is taken to elaborate on such vast plans for present moments.

I blink in hopes of focus on what i could not identify seconds earlier! Come to realize I am still in what I thought was my safe zone . . .

Obviously it was at my acknowledgement of error to induce my mind to such unrealistic nonsense. Scattered information non-applicable of re-alligning to make since to anyone! But my self i seem to understand all information only scattered never alligned.

Confusion all around, sleep i think? Could that straighten such a collage of random blubber?

        LETS TRY!!

Later on by a day and a half reality hits; like a parking brake in mid action of a donut! Snowy, icy, sketchy situations to awake to . . . After coming to a complete stop, i speak: First time in what seemed to be many days. . .

  "J.J. where are we? How did I get in your car? Man my head hurts! What the ****?!"

Replied to me, "Dude you were TRIPPIN man, never again am I going to feed you booms hommii!"

"I concure man, I concure!"

Lasting adventures, crazy spins! we go in circles over and over again . . . Out of gas, we walk in turn . . . To a warm destination.

- Decided to my place.
SøułSurvivør  Jun 2016
SøułSurvivør Jun 2016
as the orient
but yet
a western plant
to the desert's
rock and sand

white flowers
bold red
on slender stems
the flaming
to them

from the tiny
Aloe Pepe
to the mighty
those plants
upon a hillside
are there
for all

there's the wierd
Octopus Aloe
small leafy plants appeal
one type of
has a pulp which

in my father's
cactus garden
he has
all types to show
please sit in my

aloes grow

(C) 6/19/2016
Here's another post for my dad
He loves cacti and succulents

Most know the aloe vera
We have some growing in our backyard

Happy Father's Day!
Wierd Morning.
Woke late
and had a quick bathe.
Bathing was so not fun
because my soap was missing,
"it must be greenhilda, that monstrous cat of mine", i thought.


My electricity went off
and Guess what?
My first-day-at-work-clothes
were seriously rumpled.
I rushed my milk
and tried to take in the last drop,
it missed my mouth
and landed on my shirt.


"Taxi", i screamed
"God speed, right NOW" , i said.
The taxi drove.


It was the red light
and it was 8:45am.
I said a silent prayer.
Finally, the green showed
and in 15mins i was there.
" O.Malley Company" , the sign board said.
I stepped in the front gates
and then i accidentally dropped my eye-glass case.
**** !  it broke.


Day just got worse.
My usually wierd smile plastered my face.
I walk in,
no one noticed.
The office had its usual formalities.
In no time i was directed
to the Manager's office.
We talked for 2mins
and before i could stand, he announced my assigned post was occupied earlier that morning

" **** " , i cursed
*** look graced the Manager's face.

I guess the saying
"the early bird catches the worm"
is true after all.
We all hate mornings that usually end up in a disaster.
God save us from mornings like that
That ***** Named Desire
I had a succubus try to take my seed
in a dream today   
I broke the connection and said
***** you gotta pay to playyyyyyy

You so used to controlling my desires
Best get on your knees and call me sire
“Sir you have the floor”

I wage war on the empire
of the realm of desire
So if you conspire to be in my line of fire
Don’t say I didn’t tell you,
    You’ve earned my Ire.

The rhythm of my war drum goes:
Mah heart  BEATS ta da Rhythm of the
We illuminate truth, or sooo it seeeeeeeeeeeeim
But still.....
The rhythm of my war drum BEATS:

So I wage war on the realm of the evil fae
Ima PURIFY da demons until  
dey take me away (screamed)

Bleed out into LIFE;
  reverse the vampire effect
place succubi in a hearse
  and drive them straight ta deaph

cause lately You been drivin me crazy
and making my will, focus, an determination
sooo haeeezzzzy

cause now Its time to

Ritually open my wounds
and bleed acid on you
Don’t worry theres enough
cause your hackneyed and few

Ima chase the Daemons off
Smoke my dreads to their lungs
and make dem young cough
so offten I put em in a hot-boxed coffin
Now your outta breath
But im just not stoppin

huh (echo(
whats this? whats this....(echo(  
and  uh oh
Blood barrels stacked Its a wierd supply depot,

for that army growin
and growlin behind your eye, see though....
They Perma-
        on your shoulders,
   and now mine, Truth Show

So my wings tear free of my back
For so long they’ve been bound and compact
I look to my lovers and brothers and CRy
Pick up your weapons,
Its time to act


The rhythm of my war drum goes:
Mah heart  BEATS ta da Rhythm of the
We illuminate truth, or sooo it seeeeeeeeeeeeim
But still.....
The rhythm of my war drum BEATS:
Anya  Jul 2018
Wierd Thoughts
Anya Jul 2018
I have      wierd thoughts      in my head
They ain’t true      but they there
So what do I do?

— The End —