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Some disguises aren't meant to be revealed
Some thoughts aren't meant to be spared
Some beasts aren't meant to be chaotic
Some evenings aren't meant to be charming
Some paintings aren't meant to be catchy
Some belongings aren't meant to be buried
Some flowers aren't meant to be favourites
Some incidents aren't meant to be happening
Some people aren't meant to be suffering
Darryl M May 2019
don't ghosts lose direction...
Where the heck do they find the GPS?

Love be a phantom
forever haunting abandoned hearts.

She loves it when held close,
As she shivers in his arms.
For she wants the love,
But not just any.
She wants the love she considers hers,
And if unto her, it is given,
Then unto her, it truly belongs.

Grim reaping moments of truth;
Where you look at her
and don't see her undraped body,
But your naked psyche.
                 -****** of Love.
Choderlos May 2018
I risked the life of mine
To see you smile
I chanced everything
To be there when you needed me
I paid no heed to authority
To be at your command

I gave you my all
Everything you ever wanted
Hoping you'd be mine someday
Who am I to blame you
When I got my hopes up so high
That we'd ever be more than friends

Stripped of everything I once had
Now I am the one
With nothing more to give
Confined to misery
Alone in utter darkness
How was I to know
That trying to win you over
I had become your prisoner
Mazen Edlibi Nov 2016
I pulled myself strongly from keep thinking of her!
I dragged the thought from reaching my brain to give that note that i missed her badly!
I locked my crying papers inside that drawer, so they won't be engraved happily on those lines talking how she is in every corner of my day!
I sent all those feelings and thought to the land of Doubt, to confuse them from being true about their existence!
I've victimized all my belonging, so I won't let her know how do i see her in my world!
I've concealed my vibes throughout the day, to let the mind take cover my heart!
                                                      But!!!....­.I failed!!!!
I failed not to tell myself, I am in love with her!
I failed not to write for her!
I failed not to free my memories from her!
                                                     And.... I am Still...
                                                        ­   Failing!
Have you got it~
gathered together:
your thoughts
lonely night wanderings~
marriage, friendship, stylish rings
sharing many flowers seen in all
throughout your life~
lusts, trusts,
broken, misplaced,
belongings frail
and fragile
tears captured
in chalices
as stargeezery
enthusiasts glee-m~
in memory gathered all of
your lovers
would be the
island on earth
big enough to put them on
to play them all bitter arbiter lonely times
and prepare for the unforgettable party!
Imagined by
Impeccable Space
Poetic beauty
JR Falk May 2015
Your things finally made
their way out of my room.
Maybe tonight,
so will the memory of you.
x 11:12pm
Endless Horizon May 2015
I guess this is it.
You had your final straw.

Your clothes are strewn about on the floor
Waiting to be folded up
To be tossed in a bag,
And carried far away from here.

Your belongings have all disappeared.
You took them all, remember?

I guess this is our final hour.
I guess this is
My final

Eilis Ni Eidhin Feb 2015
With closed eyes I see
Chandeliers swinging free

                A dream

my belongings number three
Plate, spoon and aged setee.

— The End —