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Mrs Timetable Jan 31
Minding my own business
Hanging out with Irène
I heard “you’re perfect”!
What does this mean?

Don’t think much of myself
Bumpy hard skin, scars a plenty
Someone thinks I’m awesome
Fine with me just let em

I had to be cut open and gutted
To see my true beauty
Had to say goodbye to Brad
Been there for me, it was his duty

Look how beautiful we are Irène!
Creamy, soft, luscious to the taste
I’m so happy we are in the bowl
Did I just hear many yells of praise

Grown men with helmets on
Throwing around a ball
Everyone wants some of us
Yelling at their screens over a call

Who’s that Irène? He’s something!
That’s Chip! He’s handsome I say
Strong perfectly salty and built
I hope I can meet him today

Now it’s me and Chip forever
Irène set her own sights
At this Super Bowl party
Crunchy smooth love at first of  many bites
Avocados are one of  the best things made from nature. I love them so much it’s silly
Lawrence Hall Feb 2019
O sink not down in that corrosive couch,
Docile before the Orwellian screen
That regulates the lives of the servile,
Dictating dress and drink, demeanor, dreams;

Declare your independence from the sludge
Of vague obedientiaries who drowse
Away their empty lives in submission
To harsh, diagonal inches of rule

Poor weaklings chanting tainted tribal songs
In chorus hamsterable, huddled, heaped,
While costumed in their masters’ liveries,
And feeling little while thinking even less

The very model of the State’s non-men,
Predictable and dull, submissive ghosts
Crowded, herded in cosmic cattle chutes,
Reflected in dim, noisy nothingness

But you, O you, be not of them, but be
A wanderer in the moonlight, one known
To God, there in His holy solitude
Logan Robertson Jan 2019
It's that time of the Patriot's year
Postseason playoff games are in full gear
The road to the Superbowl, I cheer
But not for the big, bad grissly bear
That takes every opponent's fate without fear
That's right the big bad bear without peer
I'm snickering the Patriot's to cry a tear
Nothing would make me so happier, I swear
Fricken, dicken, bitchen Patriots beware
To see another Bostonian tea party, I glare
I do show respect at the Patriot's lair
Brady and Belicheck what a podded pair
Steady, stoic and simulcast, condescending I declare
You see a Patriots playoff loss is so rare
Their team profile is beyond compare
A well oiled machine that wear
Goliath close over David with regular fare
The road to this year's Superbowl Sunday, I say a prayer
That the other teams flag is flying patriotically in the air

Logan Robertson

I hope David crashes the Patriots party with flying colors. Edit-Today was the Super Bowl ... and guess not. The commercials and the pregame show were great and, oh, Brady with his sixth Super Bowl ring, which is very awesome.
Darel Rex Finley Jan 2017
Superb Owl sat in front of his TV.
The more he ate, the more touchdowns he'd see.
The more he drank, the better did his team.
Let's all share Superb Owl's superb scheme!
Inspired by Lance Stricklin.
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