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Tonia Schmitt Dec 2018
Sometimes, I have these dreams
reflecting the images
of my thoughts
That’s why
upon the earliest dawn
can’t help but wither with my loss

Even I cannot understand
what for real occurs inside my mind
Maybe if I just stop lying could
the worlds forbid on me
vanish should

Then, I discovered,
lying is my safe haven;
lies masquerade the real essence
of evil that exists
inside me and all the ones
I stay alive for

who are they?
Does someone with an importance
for me
actually breathes in this place?

For sure,
it is
not the other way

It might be that I should
take place of the worlds forbid
on me

Only this and nothing more

upon a midnight dreary
Figures of a life
that never was
never will
fled from their concealment

same night
as before

While I pondered nearly napping
they would return
the lies I’ve told myself
and Always

There came a tapping

Could it be
The Lord
reaching for my carnal soul,

The one
from my dreams may be!
Has he
for final
found out?

No; Nein

Only voices of forever

Merely this and nothing more

Mislead and Delude
Deceive or Perjure
Cheat, even Fool
Why so many
expressions for a word?

The cause
of my dreamful nights
of the accomplishments
I didn’t deserve
of the illusion
I’ve built around who I thought
just a little

I am
the actual delusional

Even Lenore
weeps for me
right now

it is no concern of her
For I
nothing represent

Will I ever feel the spring
once more?
Quoth the Raven: Nevermore

Will these
the ones who keep fooling me
ever go away?

I guess not
For, fool is fair
as fair is fool
These are only consequences
of yours venom
yours, mine own

Do I deserve it?
Who is to judge?

The Lord?
The one I doubt of

The Serpent?
The one all doubt of

Or the one,
I’ve been deceiving
and lying
and perjuring for
All Existence?

I guess I am not
a rare and radiant
maiden like the others

Nameless here forevermore
That I am certain
Nameless here
Gianna Nov 2018
i just realized how
and unimportant
i am
to you
why won't you talk to me?
Maya Oct 2018
i don't believe in anything fully
and i don't believe in nothing fully

how does one define themself?
no set ideals, no morals, no concrete idea of what the hell i'm doing.

making a decision is terrifying when you don't know which side you prefer.

sometimes i don't eat or sleep because i don't recognise the feelings as hunger or pain or tiredness. just white noise in the back of my mind.

i am a stranger to myself. these roads i travel are blurred and fractured.
giving myself an identity makes me feel like i have to be something.

and all i know how to be is nothing.
unimportant thoughts from the chorus, while the main character appears to have run off stage left and left the building.
Kathryn Irene Jul 2018

feeling empty,
or isolated


You are not alone,

there are people who care

and want to see you happy,

even if you don't see it.

This is only temporary.

You can do this, be strong.

I believe in you.
From my instagram
Lyda M Sourne Feb 2018
"How can you make this world a better place?"

They ask.

She smiles sweetly and says,

"A world without me in it."
JM Ang Jan 2018
When you go inside a room that has been empty for a while, you can see the little clouds of dust float and shine as the light touches them. And for a long time you'll watch it drizzle down like an ethereal rain.

Maybe you'll stop moving, or cover your mouth, or maybe you'll stare at it too long it begins to look like stars in the night sky. And you'll wait for it to settle again just so it can come undone in your hands. Jumping around to unsettle it, but it'll never really be the same as the first time you saw it.

That's how you felt to me. I was the unsettled clouds of dust. And you looked at me like you couldn't believe your eyes. But that ethereal light is temporary, and once it washes away and I move away from the light, you'll begin to see me for what I am—nothing but unimportant little clouds of unsettled dust.

You're going to jump around to see me suspended in mid-air, to see me shrouded by light like an ethereal being, to look at me like I'm a starry night sky. But what happens once everything settles down and I'm where I used to be?

You can't jump around forever and I can't stay afloat forever.
Ryder Aug 2017
He woke up, in a silent, dark, rotten Forrest...

Giving a few steps before stumbling over a small rock causing him to stumble down a hill...

Rocks, trees, sticks stones, all penetrate his skin...

Things that he would've brushed off if he was on his feet...

But he is not, he lost control.

And in his frantic attempts to grab onto something with the hope that it will save him...

It either brakes or digs deeper into his skin...

Terrified, screaming, shouting for help...

Nobody can hear him... or nobody wants to hear him...

Terrified, screaming shouting...

Movement in the brush caught his eyes...

What is it, what can it be...

Screaming, shouting, for help...

The dark figure started laughing...

Oh silly boy,,, did you really think anybody would stay...

Did you really think you'd be a priority for the rest of your life...

Silly boy, you are nothing but a breath, blown into the night sky...

See how easy it is for me to take it all away...

Silly boy, you may think you're important to other people, but in reality, they just see what you have to give...

You give and give and they either get tired of you, get use to you,,, or deplete you and move on...

Silly boy, did you really think you can make a lasting difference...
danielle Jun 2017
i am merely
an old playground
crooked swinging arm
rustic spine slide
haunted love tunnel
few visitors
and go
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