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xenaphobic Sep 2016
I'm in love
With a girl
With bright green eyes
She is bare faced and beautiful
Messy haired
Dressed up as who knows what
Flushed cheeks laughing at someone's dumb joke
And I am reeling
I am in love
With the one
With big hazle eyes
In a beanie
In a bit of eye liner and beautiful
They are looking off to the side
For a friend maybe
And I am looking for them
In the background of photographs I never asked them to join even though they were right there
I am in love
With a broken spirit
And it's too late to invite them into the picture
I am in love
With their slightly shifting eye colour that was "legally hazle"
I am in love
With never knowing exactly who they where and why'd they need a lable anyway
I am in love
And they and are far to gone for that to matter
Sometimes you don't realise until it's too late, sometimes love can't save the world.
xenaphobic Jul 2016
Like you were in her
Only...only you said you never could be
Everyone lies I guess
Do you remember?
You promised you would
Outsider to our own relationship
Any comments, criticisms, or critiques appreciated.
xenaphobic Jul 2016
Oh kitten small kitten
So black we barely saw
You jump up in the air and grab the snickers from her jaw
We loved though we didn’t know we’d keep you at the time
My heart feels sorrow even now though we lost you what seems like so long ago
You fit right in the family eating stir-fry with delight
My black cat my lovely cat we saved Halloween night
I will never fill the hole left in my heart
Nor forget the tears I shed the night you had to part
You don’t have grandkids that we know though mom and dad have one
Who sits and plays with Ana they have so much fun
Sometimes I swear I feel you circling my heals
Or sleeping in my bed at night with purrs of darkened still
This is a poem about my kitten who is gone on to a better place. I wrote it a very long time ago.

Any thoughts, tips, opinions, and/or criticisms appreciated.
xenaphobic Jul 2016
Alone in a world where nothing lives forever
Death and his touch bringing sweet black oblivion
A final rest for a solemn soul
With its sweet release
Any thoughts, tips, opinions, and/or criticisms appreciated.
xenaphobic Jul 2016
I hear the bullies but never, almost never, the victims
I hear the fake laughs used to stop the worry
I hear the truth and the dark
I hear nervous pencils tapping
And whispers from one to another about yet someone else
I hear the sobs released from the brave soldier who’s given up the fight
I hear the crush from each soul as it’s broken and reformed
Any thoughts, tips, opinions, and/or criticisms appreciated.
xenaphobic Jul 2016
A whoosh of air that makes me feel alive
And all at once fills me up inside
With memories of budding leaves
Pulling my head up into the bright blue sky
And makes me feel so light I may fly
To lean and sway in its large gust of life
Delivers me to a palace of light
Where water lives and rivers sing of odds
Oh water murmur me a song of heart
Moving fast or stagnant still and calm
You’ve seen things no one would dare to hear
And you have hopes but never fear or doubt
You have no secrets open book for all
And you have seen all grow and seen all fall
Any thoughts, tips, opinions, and/or criticisms appreciated.
xenaphobic Jul 2016
The "good child"
oh yes yes yes
I am mommy and daddy's shining star
I cook and clean and I am so very polite
good grades, and don't talk down to my superiors
oh yes, mommy I am your good little girl
of three children I am the "good child"
until your backs are turned
drink, smoke, party and play with strange lips on mine and strange hands in strange places
I am the "good" one
with a secret girfriend
and secret scars
and a secret eating disorder
but don't you worry your grown up little heads about that
just keep telling people I'm the "good child"
and I'll be "good" enough to play along
Any thoughts, tips, opinions, and/or criticisms appreciated.
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