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Niel Nov 14
We harmonize
together sometimes
still, on mountainous hill-
sides, when the winds blow
together and echo through caves,
canyons. Hollow logs. Presented darknesses:
wolves, foxes..    Thieves, betrayers. Energies
are so varied, if only we could download an imprint of their view. What would it seem? I can’t imagine ever being absolute on aspects, ideas, ideals. Anymore at least. I guess that’s
just my current absolute.

I resist, intents I set,
out of cowardice

Fear to unify
Shaken down the road
Solid monad. Brittle tendrils

Sweet the senses, share intense
to procure inclusion, boundless plenties
prone incisions unfold yr own rhythms
emboldening, appreciating in an expansion
pressing, but really, more of a soft glide
of understanding for the thrill
M C Mar 30
Absolutely whimsical!
Unfathomable pockets of love
swallow our hands
Touch searching for the unknowable
Feeling solid presence passed the hidden
deep in darkness
Blood pumping inside a heart
working out

Embers cloaked in ash burn still
smoldering onward
Pilgrims of being exhumed
Flames lick the surface of expression
Exposed passions dance openly
Smoke twists as the elements wish
they were one

Hands in my pockets
return me to the physical.
I am me
We are we
How different life would be
If we had different eyes
And we could see a sea of stars
Across the daytime skies

Not just the zodiography
But a map for every purpose
With all our pasts and futures
Charted on its surface


A sense of ever present place
Set day & night to guide us
To have the harmony of Home
Reflected there inside us

Never to be lost, just one look up
To be in perfect alignment
To have no countries only our Stars
And the heavens our horizons


Every eye reflecting
Every window, lake, and pool
To live in such a constant storm
And infinity of jewels

Imagine the oneness every day
The expansion and compassion
Imagine Us and the World this way
Imagine what we could imagine
Yes, the song Imagine - which I am not a fan of btw - but the idea it is our isolation in the darkness drives us to see our differences here on Earth. If maybe we could see the stars ALL THE TIME, maybe then we might find more a sense of connection...

Zodiography? Made it up... sounds good for a geography of the Zodiac.
Jessica Jarvis Mar 2018
Crisp and articulated

Cool and elevated

Both, with shimmering
Waves and rays, will glimmer

While two live contrarily
Lightning and thunder;

Confrontation and unity
rarely exists without the other

But fire and rain
Are forbidden lovers

Refreshing and purposeful

Unified and spiritual

Both, with encouraging
Words to say, will linger

And both live harmoniously:
Love and serenity;

Coercion and synchronicity
Are necessarily together

For renewal and purity
Are meant for each other
Alvin Agnani Feb 2018
I am part of this barren landscape.

Plain and transparent.
Endlessly incoherent.

To the shadows and coolness, I wish I could flee.
Sadly, I’m trapped in the centre, with neither a soul or anyone of my breed.

Lost and isolated from the world, or at least a few.
I long for the moment when I can start living anew.

Shrouded in heat; thoughts I cannot rid myself of.
Not even a single heartbeat could I ever hear of.

Alone, desolated.
Alone, devastated.
Alone, frustrated.
Alone, my hunger never sated.


Together, elevated.
Together, saturated.
Together, integrated.
Together, my hunger always sated.

I adore you.
I adore us.
I adore we.
I adore men.
I adore women.
I adore…
There's no point in hating people (or yourself), when you can simply love them instead...
George Krokos Feb 2016
From Being to becoming there is then an individualisation
and from individuality to universality there is a realisation.
From Oneness to manyness there is then a diversification
and from diversity to attunement there is then a unification.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's.
Cori MacNaughton Sep 2015
Within every face we see, also, a mirror
within every silence, a breath
within every soul is the path growing clearer
within every lifeform, a death

Our stuff is the stuff of the planets and quarks
existing as one in this space
'till that universe distant and showering sparks
stands ready to take this one's place

A day is as a thousand years
a thousand years as a day
yet human psyche interferes
and would find a better way

The thing that most matters, which few understand
for which many continue to die
is that Unification of Physics Grand
I am you, as you are I
Written in June 1999, and read in public on occasion, though it appears here in print for the first time.
Rachael hays Aug 2015



~Rachael Hays 26A15
K Balachandran Aug 2015
Addicted though, instinctively
to that enchantress, dark angelic night,
sweet condensed sleep, eyeing at me,
moon's silver light, naturally
remains my beloved, closer to heart,
One great delight, is this:
my contradictory wish list, that adds up.
I am unfazed, proudly
carry the contradiction of this world
in my every vein.

Has any one any legitimate business
to ask me to choose one or the other?
What you see as contradictions, won't stand,for long
easily merge,dissolve and vanish to take a new life,
as standpoints change, vision gets deeper,
illusions wear off, as darkness leaves,
and  mind learns to transcend beyond
all the self imposed limits. once seemed formidable,
I delightedly see the brooding night
making peace with the waxy melting moon,
falling silently in pearly drops from the sky.

— The End —