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Cole Strangeee Dec 2020
I’ve been awake over a hour. The thoughts keep swimming through my mind surrounding me with with the anxiety enduced doubt all because I loved a man too much. I think it’s safe to assume that then consequences from this over the years have grow greater more and more each year. I wish on night when I slept in a empty bed I didn’t have nightmares about you never coming back. I wake up without you here and have tears streaming down my face in solidarity and absolute absence because I have come so far and fought so hard. That I just want to be kissed everyday. I dont know if that’ll happen.
Cole Strangeee Nov 2020
Loving you was easy I used to do it even in my sleep.
You had night terrors from your own monsters I knew that.
I ignored the first red flag. I should have ran but I stayed.
That night the moon was bright shining into the window, I woke up to the shadow of you laying behind me.
Your arm was wrapped around my throat. It was a nightmare and you didn’t know who I was. I squirmed trying to push against your arm to release your grip. Silent tears streamed down my face.
It took what seemed like eternity til I could get you to wake.
Sometimes I wonder if you actually had that nightmare you told me about.
#trauma #abusesurvivor #regret #failedmarriage
Cole Strangeee Nov 2020
Waking up with you near
I no longer have the first breath of my day be fear.
The way you kiss my forehead,
Press your nose against mine.
For these moments everything is divine.
It’s when I leave the cover of your arms.
The warmth of your embrace.
It takes me back to a less safer place.
To the home I had that was haunted with fear.
I wish my husband didn’t almost die so many times in that year.
You know what to say when I need it.
please just be gentle with my heart, you don’t know how many times it has been defeated.
Cole Strangeee Oct 2020
You think that thought
You hold your breath
You press into your skin, but theirs no regret.

You let it go.
You dropped it, the metallic blade hitting the floor.

You don’t know how much of this you can take anymore.
You feel like you’ve lost your mind, there’s just all these thoughts whirling around inside.

Crimson drips from the crease, at least tonight I get to feel a freedom of release.
Cole Strangeee Oct 2020
There are so many days I feel like a burden,
With ever dawn I wake with a heavy chest hoping it will hurt less.
It’s been years since you left me,
This shouldn’t be affecting me.
Why do I miss your smell and the way you’d touch my face when you were sober.
******* it’s already almost the end of October.
When we met I was so sure of you.
But I suppose now you just see me as a burden too.
I ache to find a love like I thought we had.
I still yearn for the promises you made that’ll never happen, it’s just not part of the plan.
Cole Strangeee Oct 2020
I was wondering along the cemetery my family is buried in.
My mom told my a few headstones down from my grandparents was a baby girl who died at one month and one day old. Named Rebecca. My heart stopped.
I thought of you.
My “freshman year of college” when we fell in love.
At the time we weren’t together, you loved Heather why should I have told you?
I was pregnant the first Christmas we faught, yelling in a target parking lot. I begged you to love me and you left me in the snow crying.
I wasn’t going to tell you.
At New Years you came to meet me- but it wasn’t me you wanted. You told me you loved me so you could **** me and leave me before midnight.
I remember kissing one of my best friends instead that night at midnight.
I told her that I thought I was pregnant. She kissed me and told me it would be okay.
I never got to meet you, I only got the greeting of your demise.
But I always felt you were a girl.
I was right with my instinct when I found out about your brother.
I just hope my little girl wherever you are, you are safe and happy. I asked Rebecca to stick around, I told her it’s okay if she wanted to follow me too.
Cole Strangeee Oct 2020
“How can all your beauty be obsolete?” He typed
I closed the messenger and sat for few moments.
Collecting myself.
Breathing deeply.
I open and go to respond “ it’s obsolete when the person you’re in love with, is more in love with a substance than you.”
I am tired of biting my tongue.
I protected you, I tried to save you. All you did was drag my through the dirt hoping I’d fall in love with your snow angels too.
I hate it break it to you, but now you’re down two, and in the end I really hope it’s jailhouse justice for you.
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