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  Sep 15 wren
Foreigner Soralen
I want to feel the universe exhale around me
Leaving the feelings of it all
But alas, no prevail.
And the ink dripped
Round and round
Wrapping tightly
Around my mind.
I fought,
Beating and hitting,
Till my last breath.
I've done this for too long,
Too much and too long.
I didn't want anymore,
So I let it take over.
Fitting me into a spot
I was gone,
Only a shell left to see.

  Aug 4 wren
Foreigner Soralen
What if I feel like I'm falling
Into a pit of everlasting dark
There's nothings to light the way
What if my wings are clipped
And the now dead stars are blown out
What if I can't fly up
I want to go back

Things happen.
Have a day my friends
  Jun 28 wren
TO: icarus
i don’t feel anything when i look at you anymore
TO: icarus
but, sometimes, i miss your freckles like crazy
TO: icarus**
okay so maybe i lied
TO: icarus
i keep trying not to
i keep failing
TO: icarus
but i guess it’s just that
you are like no one i’ve met
TO: icarus
and it’s dumb to call you my first love
when you didn’t even love me back,
but… man, you were my first love
TO: icarus
i love(d) you so bad.
TO: icarus
and if i see you on the sidewalk,
i cross the street because i’m so afraid of brushing by you
and falling all over again
TO: icarus
i don’t think i’d be strong to crawl back out this time
TO: icarus
how dumb i was to think i’d be enough for icarus
TO: icarus
i loved icarus and he dragged me into the sun with him
TO: icarus
i loved icarus and he let me drown in the ocean,
grasping for the feathers of his wings
TO: icarus
you made me want to understand gods,
but i only knew about monsters
TO: icarus
god, you didn’t deserve the immortality
that i gave you
TO: icarus
you didn't deserve a single thing
TO: icarus
so if i’m ever the kind of poet they write biographies about
and whose work high schoolers are forced to analyze,
some underpaid english teacher
is going to have to talk about you
as the mysterious and slightly vilified figure
prevalent in my work
TO: icarus
you're in between every line
  Apr 11 wren
i sent you a text at 3pm asking how youve been
you read it at 3:39 pm
you replied at 3am saying you were missing me
  Apr 11 wren
the heart is fragile
there is a reason its shielded by a cage
the heart needs the eyes of a person
who knows love
so do not hand such a delicate thing
into the hands
of the blind
  Apr 10 wren
My name means blood; dark and red
My name means words; unseen and unsaid
My name means love; misheard and misled
My name is all, my name is none
My name is the bullet and I am the gun
I wanted to point out that anonymity has a meaning as well. So much of our identities are placed in our names, so why tie ourselves down?
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