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Noor Jun 2020
In a parallel universe,
You lay in my bed, with your arms around me
You whisper “you smell like home”
And I hold you a little tighter
Kiss you a little longer
And you kiss me back

In a parallel universe,
You love me too.

I have always found it hard to deal with my emotions, the extremes, the black and white
So when I fell head over heels in love with you from the first night we met, I thought I had lost my mind
I kiss you with passion, in my lips I hold our future, our dreams
My arms stretch out to the sky like an ancient tree, I hold our memories in every branch, I hold our laughs in every leaf
I look at you and see the face I want to look at every night and every morning till the world turns red and the earth explodes and we’re made into a stardust

In a parallel universe,
You think I’m special
You tell me I hold the world in my eyes, I taste like every daydream you’ve had and my warmth feels like the winter of your life is finally over

In a parallel universe,
You want me too.

In this universe,
I lay alone in my bed, with the cold you left when you walked out
One day, you whispered “You smell like my childhood”
I didn’t know how to take that.
I kissed you and you didn’t kiss me back,
I held you and you pushed me away

I love you, and you precisely said you never will.

You think I’m insane, invalidate my feelings
Say that what I think is a special connection between us, is ordinary to you.
You kiss me and your lips are cold
You hold me like you want me to let go
You hurt me repeatedly, like open fire gunshots and laugh when you do it
Why did I fall for a man like you?

A man that came from hell,
A man with the devil in him
I need to know now, what to do with all these feelings
Because I can’t give them to you,
I can’t punish myself anymore.
Noor May 2020
I can make you the happiest you’ve ever been
And the happiest you’ll ever be
A lantern to light your darkest days
If you give me a chance, I will love you endlessly

I can give you the moon, the stars, and the sea
To the heavens, I’ll gift you the key
But I know, even if I gave you everything,
I can never make you love me.
Noor Sep 2019
It could’ve been me
But we always existed in parallel to each other
Always at the wrong place at the right time
Or the wrong time at the right place
Always missing you by a minute, or a block
Missing you by a girl
or two.

It could’ve been me
But all the letters I sent out to space
Hoping they’ll reach you
Got lost somewhere along the way
Somewhere in a forest
Quiet in the night, lost among the leaves
Somewhere in an ocean
Dark at the bottom, lost among the coral reefs

It could’ve been us
I’ve been missing you for five years,
I don’t think I’ll ever stop
You were my brightest star
My beautiful sunrise
And my biggest heartbreak
I dream of you
And I wake up with tears soaking my pillow
These are the only wet dreams that I have
I love you, and I’ll never stop
You were the one for me, the only one for me
You’re gone and I’m hopeless
Because you don’t get lucky twice.
Noor Jul 2019
You called me beautiful
And kissed every inch of my skin

We were one in the dark
As we drowned in lust, in sin

Our chemistry
Made me break all my rules

And not until it was too late
That I realized you played me for a fool

My dear your lips speak lies
But your eyes are full with the truth

Your soul is old
But you taste like youth

Out of everyone
You’re the one I’ve chosen

I made my bed
Now my heart, you’ve broken
Noor Apr 2019
I know it’s been two years
But missing him still makes it hard to breathe
Hard to sleep, hard to eat
There’s a lump in my throat, a burn in my chest
An ache in my brain
He will always be the one that got away
The one that should’ve stayed, the one that should’ve loved me
He’s so far, like the moon, too far to reach
But I still feel him here, I still feel his touch, I still feel his warmth
I’m going crazy, insane, mad
Two years and I can’t forget, I can’t breathe.

I forgot his smell, it makes me sad
I’m sick of this, sick of him, mostly sick for him. I’ve always been crazy for him
I cling to the memory of his voice, the feeling of his warm embrace
Anything I can keep inside my mind, just a little taste of what was mine
I’m weak, so weak
Maybe I’ll miss him forever, maybe that’s how it’s supposed to be
All the men after him will become an antidote experiment
To find a cure, I need a cure.
Noor Apr 2019
When you leave
My hands keep your scent
I hold them close to my chest
As I try to savor every last bit of you

I can’t stop thinking about
That little chuckle you make
My heart beats are unstable
The way your skin feels
Against mine

I now write poetry again
About unrequited love
About how my face feels warmer
When I think of you

You are everything I want
Everything I need
But here I am
Just another thing
For you to stay away from
Another mistake,
You’re careful not to make.
Noor Apr 2019
You were a storm, that swept me off my feet
But as a storm, you completely destroyed me
You did it so smoothly
So unnoticeably, that even I did not know
I did not know how shattered I was, until I broke the heart of a man who’s nothing like you
A man who holds sunshine in his eyes
And sunflowers on his fingertips
A man that appreciates the way I laugh
The way I pronounce his name
I turned into a monster, you see
A million broken pieces glued together
A broken monster,
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