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  Jul 26 Rekha Nur Alisha
the way you love
says a lot about you

but the way you break
says a lot about where you came from
His words were hoax
but I believed him anyway
The future was never ours, but we
own our present, and i think, or at least i
want to believe, that this
will be enough, to hold on to.
To acknowledge, to have
my hands are incapable of holding your broken pieces, as
i am broken as well, shattered
and i tremble, with voice stuttering, and
heart rumbling. and, i am in love
this immense room of digital territories,
is able to come between my trust on you

everything is behind screens, i dont and cant
see whats actually going on.
what words are being
said, what ideas are being discussed
and i fall to the outcome of you

slowly, deeply
His voice cracked when he spoke of her
I could sense his pain in such small sound, almost
Like a whisper
Truly, barely audible, as if his soul wasn't ready to speak of her
As if my soul wasn't prepared to hear
He was kind but not mine.
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