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Lulu Sarmiento Dec 2020
And then.
Love fell.
Night is day.
Day is night.
Circling around.
Endless bound.
Lunar Oct 2020
On days like these,
It isn't distance that
Keeps you away from me,
But time.
As I look at your life
Through images
And hear your voice
Through recordings,
I can't help but think
If you're real
In this world with me.
Three hours isn't that far ahead,
But slowly waiting for time
Is quickly making me miss you
Much more than I thought.
Mystic Ink Plus Dec 2018
In response to
The posts
From friends, abroad

What clicks inside is
To ask,
What time is there?

What time is there?
Nothing more
Genre: Humor
Theme: Different Time Zone || Hide N’ Seek
vanessa ann Mar 2018
perhaps i have only kronos to thank
for our timezones are close enough
for us to meet in dreamland
where the line
between dreams
and reality
at least you're not lightyears away
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
Different time zone
Hide and seek

Beholds law of connection.
Genre: Haiku
Theme: Then, nothing matters.
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018. Then, nothing matters.
Isabelle Apr 2016
For my love, has left me
Traveled to another country, far away from me
Over the trees and mountains
Green fields and forest fountains
Over the blue seas and vast oceans
He left me, lost in my emotions

We both see the horizon
But in different time zone
We both see the sun shine
But in different time
We both see the same night stars
But we are, from each other, too far

I respect your plan
But please include me, oh man
I stayed up all night, with you on the other side
The distance, we are both terrified

At first, we managed to make it
In the mold, we try to fit
But the timezone, is taking you away from me
The longing, I can't stand, can't you see?

It is day time where you are
You sit on sunshine, the flowers bloom
While I have my night in a country so far
with nightmares and gloom

Two hearts that used to be one
Ended up living in a separate land
While you stare at tomorrow
I lay here in yesterday
Why do you have to go,
And left me full of woe?

The timezone, is taking you away from me
The longing, I can't stand, can't you see?
pushthepulldoor Mar 2014
I said I didn't think
I would even miss you.
But it's been less then
twenty-four hours and
I have a hole in my stomach.
I try to eat and it just
wants to come back up.
They say wounds heal in time.
I leave in 82 days for
another time zone.
Maybe the hour difference
will effect the time and
healing process.
Until then we'll see how this goes.
Maybe this will help me
shed those extra pounds
I was so worried
you'd notice.
© M.S.

— The End —