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Good hospitality  
Is human kindness
But coffee on the house is going the  extra mile
Raindrops up above, concrete down below
Whistles in the air
And then I realize
There’s me, there’s me
Walking down cold streets
Breathing down some air
Feeling a gulp on my hair
The wind feels so fair
And then I realize
There’s me, there’s me
I let the world continue to brush my hair,
The wind’s my compass and my fairy
***** of newspaper scrambling by the streets
I take some knowledge, I take some air
This very moment is what I wear
No rush
No rush, just smile and take a mighty hush
As a reminder to always stay focused in the present moment.

Copyright ©2015
SøułSurvivør May 2015

The unsung heroes
They work every day
Without complaint
At a job with low pay.

There are not many are out there
Who place their laurels
On the person who's right
But ends a quarrel.

It takes a person
Internally strong
To accept a defeat
And say they were wrong!

Those little things matter!
But don't get much ink
Like the husband who shaves
And cleans up the sink!

The mother who picks up
The toys from the stairs
The wife who cleans drains
And removes the hair.

The child who sees
That grandma is old
And therefore replaces
The toilet roll!

The boyfriend who remembers
The day of first date
A girl who pays dutch
To help out her mate.

Remember that you
Are needed and wanted!
So many small tasks
Are taken for granted.

At last the bell
Is taken and rung
For the persons who do this...

... *the heroes unsung.

And thanks to all the people
Who comment and repost
Even when they are not read!
I don't have a lot of time
Right now... I wish I could read
More. You folks really matter to me!

Now in this season
It smells like sweet honey nectar,
Thick, warm pollen that heavies the air, that
Overarching succulent sweetness I can
Never find. I'm nearly
Dreaming in the midst of day,
Lack of sleep sharpens this
Feeling of loss that doesn't coincide with
The growth around me - My mind
Is falling back a quarter year, another,
Chilled over somehow in direct sunlight -

                    My hunger could be assayed with
                    Those honeyed towers somewhere blooming, but
                    I've not been told where to find them -

Stumbling along with aching limbs and
Exhausted heart, forced anxious smile,
Can't seem to find these supposed fruits
That hang down at reach, give way to new days -
Just quiet, vacant preludes
Along all these miles of solitude.
I wonder if she thinks about me at all
I wonder if me being hesitant messed up my chances
Maybe she still wants me to make a move
I'll never know
Each day my heart grows
Despite a relationship being present with her
I wonder if she still thinks about me
I may have came out too strong
With a decorated note two years ago
But I don't feel wrong
Just regretful
That I haven't made a move before you did with somebody else.
Real life story for me.
Joe Wilson Jul 2014
The taste left by the bitterness of anger
unlike that which is caused by over-indulgence
cannot be forced away by milk of magnesia
but by humility, understanding and forgiveness.

Oft times it is humility which leads to
a thoughtful understanding which in turn promotes
feelings of forgiveness that are quietly kept
but which serve as unspoken personal antidotes.

But what elation when normal calmness returns
to fill the soul with so much joy and peace
If anger serves to do nought else – then appreciate
that pleasantry which follows the ire’s release.

©Joe Wilson – I was angry, but it passed 2014
It's cold outside,
rain falling down the sky,
foggy view, blurry sight,
I tremble with every step taken.

Not dream nor reality,
my consciousness fades,
words dance around their letters,
my beliefs collapsed.

a brighter world sprouts,
limitless possibilities,
junctions merging their paths.

Efforts rewarded
with the sand of time,
barricades undone
time rewinds.

Splashs of water running down my face,
worlds drifting apart,
existence reentered,
my walk proceeds.

— The End —