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Camille Barr Mar 2018
In the days that tire the bones
the mind looks to escape
step back, breathe slow
observe time pass by

Refocus, delve within
break free in the reflection
reopen your heart
let it guide your sight

Hear the rain fall,
drop by drop
feel the sunshine,
flush of warmth
feel the sand at your feet,
sink them deep
lay still in the gentle embrace,
hug tighter
watch the light rise and fall,
stars sparkle
as the moon illuminates
unwind as the water washes it all away

Give it a moment,
let the tears fall
pick up strength
radiant beauty shines through
Camille Barr Jan 2018
My wondrous muse
My wonderful world
You seem distant this time
I scribble in vain
But you do not appear
I feel lost to you
Or perhaps you are to me?
I am pacified with dribble
Distracted by nonsense
I rush to your side
You are gone when I arrive

In this fleeting time
I grapple to find a space
Just one poetic verse
I feel it should be said
I feel it should be done
I feel until I am numb
The words escape again
As despair becomes my companion
Together we march in monotony
I can only be in one place at a time
Still I get caught up in a dream
Camille Barr Oct 2017
I sway in the tree of dreams
Far from the ground of harsh realities
This freedom comes to mind
From a view seldom seen today
The peaceful breeze carries me,
away in a daydream
Into a new world of discovery
How refreshing it is to breathe
Deep, with no sense to hurry
The man-made deadline absent
In the nature of time aligned
In space this was created
To set the centre stage alive
This is the place to visit to remind
The mind where it ‘set in motion’
The imaginative exploration for tomorrow
Camille Barr Sep 2017
Oceans swell as lifestyle sells

The bare and barren truth lurks

An imagined Photoshop collage

Draws weary as deliveries stop

Where are you my dear old friend?

The one I knew so well as a child

Take me home…

to the birds that sing,

to the trees that whisper

and the flowers that bloom.
Camille Barr Sep 2017
That stone that stopped
The stepping stone
From being thrown
And lay instead
Trying not to sink
Not wanting to go under

Fear of exposure
Has stalled this stone
The lack of motion
Blocking the passage
That passes down
This river of marvels
Camille Barr Sep 2017
Today I made a mistake
Tomorrow I will learn a lesson
Yesterday I had a dream

My travelling tales
My smile lines
My tear stained cheeks

Failed to be fortunate
Fortunate to have failed
Fostering formidable foundations

— The End —