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emotional stocks wrapped with paper wings,
which burst'd into inferno at the first broken sight of spring.

Baseless transition into faceless thoughts,
Caught in webs of speechless dreams,
laced with poison's tasteless lessons taught.

Stop that.
Think back,
at the wasted scenes graced with cold embrace.
Winter's faces breathe,

Lies stand by your faithless eyes.
of flame-less skies.

Stop the gap in nature's lap,
and sit upon her shoulders.
See the skies that breathe your sighs of reprieve,
nigh your dreams seized with whisper'd echos breeze.
Set them free...

you may already be.
but beware.
hopeless eyes are doomed to live with lies, disguised by strife's hypnosis,
ensnared by defeatist blight.
Joseph Loggi Oct 2018
I wish I had a lazy tongue
That would fault
And make it difficult
to blurt out my thoughts
And all my contradictions
In a hopeless posed way
like how leaves flutter
away and drift
Without a curious glance
or murmur.
jerelii Aug 2015
It happened to go along with this song
As I constructly formed a dilusional painted epiphany of words

Silently breathing & whisper your name
As it goes on and on.

The echoed of my heart beat abrupts magnetically as it clashing the signal to my soul.
Aug 29, 2015
celey Jul 2015
"c'mon! i dare you," i repeat more tauntingly than the last
and pull the trigger, he did.
the gasp i let out echoed.
he couldn't have intended on killing me, right?
that was just to make me suffer a little..
he knew how many bullets there were, right?
"right. there. i just made you suffer a little."
no biggie
She yelled
                   but it only
                 ­         E

                    ­         in
                         ­ of

— The End —