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Nat Lipstadt Jul 11
When Leonard Cohen Met Charlie Daniels, The Devil Went Down to Georgia

The Devil Went Down to Georgia ¥

Charlie Daniels, the country music legend who died July 6, 2020, was part of the 1970 Leonard Cohen tour. (see notes)
This one is a gift to a recovering addict and a poet, for whom that peculiar, par-articulate, addictive passion, thank the Lord, got no cure.


two country boys, ok, so different countries, but both intimately
a-cquainted with the Devil, his song & music-making-copious
a-bilities, his other trois backup ***-sin-tants, The Sin Sisters,
a/k/a wine and women and sweet poetry...

now the Devil mostly gets his due, you pay his price twice, in daily
wear ‘n tear on body and soul, always trying to keep one step ahead,
taking his best, sometimes leaving the rest, but ha! not always cause sometimes a...

bargain needs keeping, gotta keep your word honest, still if you can find a wile e coyote-wriggle-way to be a tad faster, keep them ten  fingers crisscrossed, you might steal a tune or three, before you chanter la finale, sing/pay the last installment...

now these boys were multilingual, one spoke french, the other, southern, but two-gether, they could harmonize the Lord’s Prayer on a banjo, fiddle and a guitar, in une langue ancienne#, formerly spoke in those United States and Canada, now only in the heavens above...

cannot truthful say I ever saw them play on the same stage, no matter,
cause the parallels are clear as a night sky starry moon, the stories they told, in lyrical verse, different cuzins, slightly incestuous, and
infectious too, cause you catch yourself singing redneck in a foreign
language and you’re liking the way women looking at the big star on
a tour bus...

now the devil wanted these bad boys real bad in his pantheon, went
down to Georgia and back up to Montréal au paradis, said to them “no more diddling, just fiddling and singing, time to make that finale payment, principal and interest, come to collect my country boys  and all what they got left...alors allons en enfer mes bébés..”##

now the sounds they made was just too good, the Lord heard it, it was like Picasso painting the sky, and came to collect Charlie yesterday, (07/06/20), Leonard had come up earlier, and if you need to learn how this story ends, well, there’s a poem listed down below avec tous les détails.

but as my straight laced pappy, use to say in his German accented english, in his morning suit, striped pants and Homburg hat, all’s well that don’t end in hell

or something like that anyway.
# in an ancient tongue
## ok then let’s go to hell, my babies

“He [Leonard Cohen] spoke in poetic ways and was able to communicate with people who had never lived in that world, like myself, and had never been exposed to that side of things…I saw another whole side of music that I had never seen, and I had so much respect for Leonard’s creativity, unique thoughts, the way his mind works. I learned a lot. You know what we do is the sum total of what we’ve done, actually. I was glad to be exposed to that feel, to that thing.”.  Charlie Daniels

^Also see:

¥ “ The Devil went down to Georgia. He was lookin' for a soul to steal.
He was in a bind 'cause he was way behind and he was willing to make a deal
When he came across this young man sawin' on a fiddle and playin' it hot.
And the Devil jumped upon a hickory stump and said, "Boy, let me tell you what."

"I guess you didn't know it, but I'm a fiddle player, too.
And if you'd care to take a dare I'll make a bet with you.
Now you play a pretty good fiddle, boy, but give the Devil his due.
I'll bet a fiddle of gold against your soul 'cause I think I'm better than you."

The boy said, "My name's Johnny, and it might be a sin,
But I'll take your bet; you're gonna regret 'cause I'm the best there's ever been."
Tizzop Dec 2019
"i don't want to rule or conquer anyone;
  i should like to help everyone if possible —
  jew, gentile, black man, white
  we all want to help one another;
  human beings are like that."

charlie chaplin wrote these words for
"the great dictator" a political satire  
the nazis didn't want to hear anymore
but the dictator's speech went viral

in a wehrmacht's cinema, partisans of tito
made fun of ****** and exchanged
a propaganda-film for chaplin's video
an audience of nazis raged

a flash of fun in a "*****" led by
insane murderers on stimulants


mr. chaplin i do thank you for
your outcry emerging from
human tragedy.

good bye...

R.I.P. Charles Spencer Chaplin
✞ December 25th 1977

God bless you.
Today is a good day.


"[Beste Version] Der große Diktator - Rede von Charlie Chaplin + Time - Hans Zimmer (INCEPTION Theme)"

"Xavier Naidoo - Der Fels // Allein Mit Flügel - Live aus dem Mannheimer Schloss"
Steve Dec 2019
A cat named Charlie
Came to stay
While we were both on holiday
He moved in slowly
Shy at first
Pretending that he had a thirst
Before we knew it
On the bed
There was a place for Charlie’s head
And when we popped down
To the store
No guessing who the tender meaty chunks were for!
Time to go home
Goodbyes said
Who’ll feed Charlie now instead?
But Charlie’s wisdom
Will shine through
And if you’re up to scratch, he’ll find you.
A feline friend we met on holiday. We called him Charlie
Hanson Williams Jul 2019
You shouldn't carry your radio to school son.
You can enjoy your music when you're back home.
You'll just get in trouble with the headmaster again,
You know I want the best out of you so as your mother.

Avoid bad company,
Don't be suspended again,
Study, get an education... that's the way it is these days.
You don't have to smoke in school to show them you're a man.

Avoid alcohol as well,
Come home early, we will have some dinner tonight,
We will play all the songs you want,
Stay in the spare room, I will have ***** connect some wires through the ceiling for your own radio so you can enjoy your songs all night if you so wish.

Look, I did send you down to a good  boarding school,
But you wasted your chances there,
Now you have to walk like everyone else to this school far away,
You got it though, you make me proud out here, Ok?

Come over during the weekend,
I will teach you and ***** some carpentry,
We will fit this ceiling and repair these coffee trays,
We will paint every room different colors except the kitchen, your mother has to decide that.

I picked three colors for your three mothers,
Red for Mama Margaret, Green for Mama Jane and Blue for Mama Helen,
I don't have a favorite color myself, to me all are nice,
But dove grey on the corridor ceiling does good lighting from the East,
Dutch-Blue in the bedroom makes our movie afternoons quite stunning.

Then there are these carvings that Noah and Robert sent down from Nairobi,
Every other furniture must look like them, we will vanish all of them,
We will pick some old chairs from Mama Helen and repair them for my sitting room,
These reeds aren't strong enough,we will replace them with plywood.

I've had Mama Jane sew some clothing for the chairs and this cards table,
We will play all sorts of games here with your sisters,
I will teach you how to play monopoly and solitaire.
You have to learn how to invest son, its how i got all these you see we have,
Work hard for your money, be true and fair don't rush for quick money.

Oh! Dad...
Hanson Williams Jul 2019
Hallo is it you *****,
I am trying to reach Robert  but his phone is off,
Noah cannot pick either, bet he's still sleeping
Try getting hold of them and tell your brothers Charlie has just died,
His house burned down last with him inside.

The children saw it when they were going to school this morning
I have sent Mama Jane down to see
Wekesa, our house help is here but cannot speak,
That is Mama Jesca wailing,
I don't like screams, off you go Jesca, stop the wailing

Its a sad time son,
Plan and come down here as soon as you can
Quickly tell your brothers,
I want you all here with me,
The family needs each of you.

The askaris have come to take away his body to the mortuary,
They're also investigating the cause of the fire,
I cannot go down there with my swollen feet,
I just hope he did not do it himself with the petrol he was stealing from the generator,
He had gone to take ***** with Turkana the night guard.

My poor Charlie,
I don't know what I feel right now
I am sure Mama Helen is devasted,
It must be so hard to loose a son, I was not ready for this,
I don't know *****.

We will lay him on the left lawn with pink frangipani trees
We will have to chop down a few oleanders and mulberries
We will make him a small house over his grave
After a year I will work on his tombstone with help of you boys
I will write the epitaph myself.
Jordan LC Murphy Mar 2019
Aching for your touch,
Just waiting for your love,
To maybe fall my way,
Blood red petal graves.
Mr furry prince
You know I will miss
Your sweet hello
Charlie please don’t go

Mr purry king
My friend, my love
You know I will miss
The way that you kiss
Your sad goodbye
Try not to cry
Please get better, I love my cat
Bird's flight
Tight light
Be op do op and all the light
Over the tired and torn world

The shingle-tingles
Peg leg harms
Needles  beadles
Pawnshops mattresses

Brownstone runs
Past and reeds
Diminished incliner
Augmenting disarranger

Kali and calipers
Ricoh fives fire knives
Air recess
Dying confess

Less swing than gallows
Racing  tracing
We passing
Futile asking
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