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Tizzop Dec 2019
"i don't want to rule or conquer anyone;
  i should like to help everyone if possible —
  jew, gentile, black man, white
  we all want to help one another;
  human beings are like that."

charlie chaplin wrote these words for
"the great dictator" a political satire  
the nazis didn't want to hear anymore
but the dictator's speech went viral

in a wehrmacht's cinema, partisans of tito
made fun of ****** and exchanged
a propaganda-film for chaplin's video
an audience of nazis raged

a flash of fun in a "*****" led by
insane murderers on stimulants


mr. chaplin i do thank you for
your outcry emerging from
human tragedy.

good bye...

R.I.P. Charles Spencer Chaplin
✞ December 25th 1977

God bless you.
Today is a good day.


"[Beste Version] Der große Diktator - Rede von Charlie Chaplin + Time - Hans Zimmer (INCEPTION Theme)"

"Xavier Naidoo - Der Fels // Allein Mit Flügel - Live aus dem Mannheimer Schloss"
AvengingPoet Sep 2014
Who is the one without the face?

So-called emotional feedback
Providing us with answers
Of static
But we can only see the flame

The human race has stood still
Even as we rapidly progress
A complete walking paradox
But you can still eat your cake

The cake is gone now
As you adore those products
And never fear because you have nothing to hide
And that is completely ‘justified’

The City Lights have cameras within
And this is not 1931
Because optimism won’t completely save you
If you aren’t willing to critically criticize

You’re half-awake and aren’t even willing to realize it
But someone isn’t here to drive you
And you won’t make it on your own
Without a true rise up

Everything seems attached and pre-decided
But we can change that
If only we can find the one…
Without the face

— The End —