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blue mercury Feb 2017
i used to think that confidence
was never really common sense
thought it was like lost innocence
it was something you earned
but you make me feel so worth it
w/o showering me in compliments
you’ve awaken all of my senses
i’m feeling alive

don’t tell me that fate is a lie
i’ll believe in it until i die
doesn’t matter long as i try
to be better than i am
to be bigger than my issues
i’m crying away all the tissues
you’ve never said “i’ll fix you”
you’ve just said “i’m here”

sometimes the way you look at me
i swear it’s just make-believe
but i live for this lucid dream
that keeps me wide awake
you’re what i write about when i can’t sleep
i know that talk is freaking cheap
but your words
have more worth
than any dollar bill.
i’m letting my thoughts spill.
your space, i’d gladly fill.

don’t tell me that fate is a lie
i’ll believe in it until i die
doesn’t matter long as i try
to be better than i am
to be bigger than my issues
i’m crying away all the tissues
you’ve never said “i’ll fix you”
you’ve just said “i’m here”

my head on your shoulder
my heart is warm my hands are colder
i’ll just go ahead and hold your
hand to spend away the time
lights out, my eyes won’t shut
no more sadness, yeah, i’ve had enough
this insomniac’s not waking up
this dream is here to stay

don’t tell me that fate is a lie
i’ll believe in it until i die
doesn’t matter long as i try
to be better than i am
to be bigger than my issues
i’m crying away all the tissues
you’ve never said “i’ll fix you”
you’ve just said “i’m here”
a song thingy
Annie McLaughlin Dec 2015
Thank you for the book
with the hard cover
and the pages
with no lines
to guide my cursive tool

Thank you for the insults
concerning everything
music artists and cheek bones

Thank you for not
making me pretend
as if I care
exactly what you think
of me or I or the ****** rock band
that happened to save my life

Most of all thank you
for never realizing that
our passions never quite did
go hand in hand
so that it could be easier
for me
to write another
brandon nagley Aug 2015
Earl Jane nagley:

If only thou wouldst truly knoweth mine sweet Earl Jane, mine evident love for thee, mine treasure, mine all, mine gem, mine queen. If thou wouldst knoweth when I awaketh its thee I seeketh to hear. It's thee, who soothe's mine fear's. Yes, thou doth knoweth to an extent mine amour', mine affection's. Yet, if thou couldst seeith in mine heart and soul, the love, happiness, and peace, and wholeness thou hath brought me, than thou wouldst understand all mine pet. The all, thou hath given me. Thou hast given me a home, as I feeleth more than at home with thee. In all honest speaking, thou art mine home, mine residence, in which this blood floweth through. Thou art the lamp-way God Gaveth me to leadeth me beside the still water's, that the earth doth not give. Thou art the cloud nine; man seeketh to find. Thou art the diamond, the gold, that every miner looketh to get. Thou art that Ruby, hidden from men, seen by God, noticed by angel's, concealed, for celestial purpose. I am but a sinner mine love, a sinful peasant, blessed more than to hath received thee. As tis daily, I'm privileged, to even be in thine presence. As tis they sayeth, when one maketh one better, and maketh one want to do better, that is the one for thee. As thou maketh me want to do better daily, as yes, im a sinner, a man who hath done much wrong, against God in mine life, and mankind, and daily despite mine foolish sinfulness, and way's, thou hath given me a new renewed hope. As god put that hope into mine hand's, and sight. That hope, being thee mine Reyna. That hope is thine smile, thine laugh, thine happiness. Which, so thou knoweth, when thou art not happy; Mine pain's I feeleth from thy sorrow is immeasurable!!! Life, isn't life mine love, unless thou art in it. Unless thou art there next to me. And daily, daily I thanketh god, for such an angel to cometh and SAVETH ME. From mine foolishness, from mine way's, mine anguish. I kneweth not happiness; until thou hast came..As I always sayeth love, God brought us together for a reason. For me to learn thing's about mineself, through thee. And to learn thing's from thee about all thing's. As tis the same for thee amare, to learn from me. As to be guide's to one another, and if it take's a million generation's to get to thee, I wilt do it. Love is not scared, nor afraid mine love, or fearful. In love, as ourn God taught, the greatest thing is to lay ourn lives down for one another; in love!!!! As tis, laying mine life down for thee I wilt do daily, if good, or bad times Earl Jane nagley. I wilt be there, Maby not physically for the time being. But in thine soul, spirit, thought, dream's, in thee........ As thou art  in all of me. We art more than real as thou hath said love. MORE THAN!!!! As tis, nothing, nor noone, canst ever break preordained soulmate's up. As we look around love, and see the world throw the word love around as if some cheap store bought item. We aren't store bought queen Jane; we art creation's of God's own hand's, under his preordainment, and destiny for us. As in life, I liveth for thee, earl Jane nagley. And in death, as thou knoweth, we all hath destination's, and I wilt meeteth thee there I canst not thanketh thee enough, for saving mine life, mine being, mine happiness, and thou keepeth me alive...... And thou sayest that thou art no angel? Thou hath saved me......
I sayest that is MORE THAN ANGELIC... As thou art God's angel,  and mine messenger, who hath come to save me, as I thou....

Mine Reyna
Best friend
Filipino rose
Mine sweet earl jane nagley....

©Brandon nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane nagley/Filipino rose dedication
Al Jul 2015
i can be alone;
i have been alone
for quite some time;
it’s fine, i will be
alone, but
don’t worry.
you don’t have to
you don’t have to
stay up,
you don’t have to
console me
when i want to cry—
but thank you anyway.
it's a thank you for someone who will never read it
SøułSurvivør Jul 2015

she put my poem
"The Rain Unseen"
(which was posted a long time ago)
on a few of the
collection sites

she went back into my
archives to find it!
it happens to be one
of my favorite poems!

there are many people who
do this. SweetPea just
gave me an inspiration

what if we did this:

rather than ♥ing a
recent poem
go back into a poet's
and look for a worthy
buried treasure?
(a good poem which never trended)

like, and
and put on the
appropriate collections

I had a wonderful response
because a lovely poet
reposted a write I'm
very proud of

Thanks to all who
have done this for me
in the past also

Put your entry under the "word"
I will be checking out what
you repost and reposting also!

Estherzz21 Jun 2015
Your name starts with an A.
And end with a M.
But the D in the middle,
Made your road a riddle.
Yet the A that's repeating,
Made the way more becoming.
Hey if you add my E that begins,
And the R that made us twins;
Perhaps my S may soothe your path,
And my T would calm your wrath.
Finally the H that makes it done,
Paired with the E that makes us one.
Since I say that we're so alluring,
What's with that flare so glaring,
And those eyes that's soaring,
Away from this world so despairing.
Why can't you take me away,
I'm sure it's just child's play,
Yet you had to just delay,
and under you went to decay.
Right now there ain't no sadness,
Cause what fills me is madness,
As I'm in this world of vastness,
You still left me in darkness.
It's complicated, not.
You're dead. I'm sorry.
I loved you, I swear I did,
and I still do. I'm sorry.
But goodbye.
nichole r Jun 2014
Even through the wars,
When society kicked my feet out from under me,
Even when my knees were scraped and bloodied,
When hot fire tears burned my chapped lips,
Even when I snapped like a worn rubber band,
Whipping your skin and making you yelp,
Even when my words were dipped in poison with barb wired tips,
You were there.

With your white silk feathers,
And permanent glow,
And undying flames in the hushed snow.
Holding out your hands,
Palms facing the sky,
Pulling me off the dusty floor, covered with glass shards.

The words are too hard
To leave my soft lips,
So I write a quiet message
That should be screamed from rooftops:

Thank you.
I wrote this for my parents, who never give up on me.

— The End —