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Stan Gichuki Nov 2022
Dear Women,
If you’re wondering why he’s no longer texting you it’s probably because when he was, He felt like he was the one putting in all the effort he’s the one that sent the good morning and good night text first. He is the one that would ask you how your day was he would specifically check on that one thing you told him you were doing today. It is not because he has all the time in the world and he has nothing better to do he’s busy with his own things he made the conscious decision to make time for you only when he saw over and over again that his efforts were not being reciprocated that he decided to leave.

"I don't like texting" yet that is all they do when I am with them 😂

How hard is it to fully form a sentence.. 😂
Stan Gichuki Mar 2019
I didn't come into this world willingly,
Stan Gichuki Feb 2019
If you ever feel left
Just remember that's where God placed the Heart.
Stan Gichuki Feb 2019
We can Repair watches but cant create time.
Stan Gichuki Dec 2018
We teach our boys to hunt... and our girls to pray. Neither fully aware of their role in this destructive game.
Stan Gichuki Dec 2018
The ability to nurture your Mind Body and Soul guarantees a successful life.
Stan Gichuki Dec 2018
Too much jealousy
Too much fear of the next persons success.
Too many unnecessary gate keepers.
We must be the change we want to see!
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