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Hello Daisies Sep 2019
I like being teased
I like being poked
I like the little nicknames

It's cute when you steal my hat
It's cute when you runaway with it
It's adorable making me chase you

You pushed me out of my chair
They asked if I was mad
Nah it was funny
Now I'll kick you back

I got sad and fell to the floor
You pushed me over even more
Til I rolled around
I started to laugh
Trying to fight you back

Sadness gone
Giggling strong
Now your  hiding my things from me
Making me blush nervously
Did you take it?
You big *** faker

I'm drunk as hell
Everyone else left me
You were trying to sleep
But stayed up with me
As I called you all sorts of silly names
And started tons of childish games

6am you had to be up soon
Who needs sleep
When we're laughing
Feeling High as a balloon

I wanted to *******
But I was so lost
Felt so insecure
Yet you kept with me
When I thought you'd leave
Hey at least grab my *****
I'm leaving at noon
I'd like to leave an impression on you
You silly goof

When you called me kitten
I felt overly smitten
It rang in my head
Even after I left
I wish I let you
Touch me deeper
Deeper inside me
Then just a silly tease
My head said please

Yet I still felt better
Knowing we both wanted to
Anastasia Aug 2019
Take my heart
Rip it to shreds
Tell me lies
Make my cheeks go red
Taste me and spit me out
Voices are so loud
They say
Love me
Love me
Love me
Throw me against the wall
And love me
Give me your fake love
I promise that it'll be enough
Your mouth on mine
Let's not waste time
Love me harder
Love please
Love me more
You sweet little tease
I want more
So close the door
Show me what you can do
Take my heart
Rip it to shreds
Love me harder
Till I'm dead
Peasant The Poet Aug 2019
Eyes elicit
smiling, tease.
Playfully ponder,
fluently please.
Lofty, loquacious,
words a'weave,
what's the message
I am to recieve?
Kamilla Jun 2019
nearness which draws out a familiar comfort
nearness which blesses me,
my quivering fingertips, grazing glittering ivory
just a hint of your curves
just a tease of your gentle arch
Tsunami May 2019
I remember that night
The glow of lights softened the edges

The way you held my hand
I told you I didn't dance

Sneaking kisses because we knew
We couldn't
We shouldn't
We didn't need to fall back into the old
When this exact moment was meant to move forward

The sound of your voice trinkled over the music
I think those were my favourite notes that night

I could hear your words in my ear
Tantalizing and teasing
Your hands weaving electricity into my skin
Making me swear up and down;
if this ever ended..
For once i had given it my all.
Even if we ceased to exist to each other
last night was a trip down memory lane and i'd rather not have ******* done it
Jenna Apr 2019
They tease and compel
Devouring into my ill eyes
Lurking beneath the wilting yellow
Murky black blends in with the night
She taunts in the lightness of the day

This bed dips a bit lower every day
In disturbed curiosity and jealousy
Goading a reaction of plea  
Staring in unadulterated penance  
Wellness improving with each interaction

Greedy to drink in the color
Eyes feast upon them
Dancing slyly in sync
Dripping in need and want
One waits to dance in my head

These chains are finally unlocked
Feet find purchase of the cold flat floor
Only exuberating the ugly drug
To tear the flesh of yellow off her skin
All the while, in a manic spree of glee
This is for my final project in my class. It is based off The Yellow Wallpaper by Gilman. I would appreciate any critiques on it and any comments even if you have not read it before. Thanks!
Sam Tate Apr 2019
Dear Sirs or Madams,
Of a literary persuasion.
I write today with,
A professional inclination.
I fear, and worry, my imagination’s clock,
Has, sadly, hit a writer’s block.

In short, I hope
(with a hesitance, hereout),
To employ the services of a muse.

Both, male and female,
Are encouraged to apply,
Though, I admit, my bias may lie,
Towards those who kindness, mercy and love,
Are praised and placed inherently above,
The human desires of power and wealth
And selfish ambition and pride in themselves.
Though, I suppose, this seems hypocritical,
I would confer this is politically cynical,
Rather, I’m looking for something. . . irrational,
An inspiration to fuel and flame my passion as,
Something and someone,
Yet, nothing and no one,
An ideal, an idol, a god and a human.
Something to write about,
A story to tell.
A depiction of the fire inside them that dwells.
The light, the colour the sun in their eyes,
The mountains and jungles, though secret, resides,
The palaces, mansions and kingdoms that hide,
Though present, disguised and entwined in their mind.

Alas, I digress,
Too often, I confess,
My mind wanders and turns,
Till I’m lost and undressed,
Left naked of topic, ideas and abreast,
Of chemical incapacity,
Of pure relativity,
So, a point of focus, a centre,
I seek, you see?
To aim my passion and love and thoughts,
And kindness and lust and heart, of course.

So please,
If you find yourself,
So inclined,
Write to introduce,
And flirt with my mind.
Tease with your words,
And caress with your lips,
And, if it elicits a feeling within,
I’ll write you a letter,
Of black ink emotion,
And seal it with blood,
And endless devotion.
Send it on its way,
To rest in your hands,
We’ll see where it takes us,
Let fate make her plans.

Yours forever,

Your humble admirer.
The sight of you makes me happy.
When you call me by my nickname,
It makes my heart flutter.
When you tease me,
I seek for more.
Am I completely wrecked by you?
It is sad that I don't have chances for you too.
The sight of you with kids,
Makes me fall more.
Is this a chance to forget my bunny?
Wrote this long time ago though. Kinda sequel for the previous one.
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