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روبرت Dec 2018
Chamomile and roses
Their warmth circles the frosty air
My nose is tickled with comfort and grace
You words steeped in love
Could life be this simple?
Anne J Dec 2018
cough and sneezing at day
headache and wheezy at the night
teatime cure needed now
I had to leave school early because I was sick asf. I've missed 7 days of school so far...ugh I hate my immune system's weakness :( I know that I'll be getting even more sick in the future?
Kaya Dec 2016
I felt like smooth sweet tea
poured into brittle porcelain
it was a sense of, I would say
a guilty, blue satisfaction-
of being consumed by others
I'll be gone, as the empty cup
hits the table, 'ting!' as the
sound strikes the white noise
the windows to the noisy world
all gone, shut again, no more
to my eyes, to my ears, no more
I have become the bitter stain
left on white beautiful porcelain
easy to spot, and wipe the last of me
as I sink into the terrible drain
I shall never be seen again
this time, this is the last change
life is lost to peace, that ends pain

Choking Angel Apr 2016
I wish someone would look as me like I look at tea.
shooshu Dec 2015
Game on?
I don't do leagues.
I got some tips:
I'm done,
it's still
|| shoo.shu ||
Neal Emanuelson Feb 2015
Dash of lust in a cup
And poured from a passionate heat
Brew a romance, soaked in time

Stirred with a spoon of love
Double tap the edge of caution
Dripping drops of sensual ripples

Steam dances into the air
Caressing the surface and disappearing
As the taste hits the tongue

Urges cease on the taste-buds
Cuddling the heat and piquancy
Affectionately warming a soul within

My tea is done.

© 2014
Q Oct 2014
Earl Grey
the only man in my day
he soothes this **** pain away

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