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Krystal M Toney Apr 2022
I once stood on the edge
and dared to look down,
spread my wings, but never
let the feathers ruffle my crown.

Pretty bird do you feel safe?
I guess we'll never know
because falling feels like flying
when both of your eyes are closed.
From my thoughts. Enjoy.
Krystal M Toney Feb 2021
My skin is brown
like the Earth way down,
my veins as long as roots.

My hair is twisted
like wandering vines
My god, I am Nature too.

My tears are waves
like ocean spray,
my eyes carry the tide like moons.

My legs are wings
that carry me
like Eagles, I am Nature too.

My whisper is like the wind,
my heart beats like rivers do.
I am Black. I am proud.

But my god, I am Nature too.
Krystal M Toney Nov 2020
I sometimes wonder
if my heart deserves
the bruises you tend
to sometimes leave behind.

The scars from wars
fought over lies.
Omitted fruit
tasting like paradise
on a starving tongue.

I sometimes wonder
if you will ever accept
that the sky isn't always blue.
Sometimes there's pain
and with it, rain.
But flowers grow anew.

You strut your stuff
while I walk the plank.
While your ships afloat
and my boat has sank.

I sometimes wonder
if you see me
in the midst of her shadow.
Standing and waiting.
I sometimes wonder.
Just words on a page, is it anger or rage? I guess we will never know.
Krystal M Toney Nov 2020
My heart belongs in Arizona

I long for the fire
of the Arizona sky.
I long for the wind
caressing dusty mountains
way up high.

I long for the blackened desert
touched by the tail of a lone fire horse
that burns like our desire
and leaves our bodies torched.

Stand with me
beneath a burning sun
that'll drench our skin
and leave our souls undone.

My heart belongs in Arizona.
A poem from my journal.
Krystal M Toney Oct 2020
We were a photograph.
Trapped in a beautiful memory,
blinded by the flash
that imprisoned us within the moment.
I still have our photograph.
Krystal M Toney Oct 2020
A soul asleep
found bullets colliding
and the devil was charged
only for the bullets that missed.

So Riot! Riot! Riot!
And burn it down!

Because a soul that weeps
fuels the body
that riots.

Amerikkka was built on the backs of bruised, ****** black backs and I refuse to let my ancestors' forced sacrifice be forgotten because acknowledging the racism that thrives in the country you loves make you uncomfortable. Lives over capitalism. My ancestors were forced to build this country...and their descendants will tear it down.
Krystal M Toney Oct 2020
And in her last moments,
my grandmother turned to me
with tears swelling in her tired eyes
and said
I weep not because of the beauty
which I am leaving
but because of all the beauty
which has yet to come.

I still weep with you.
To my great grandmother. A decade has passed and the pain remains the same, but the beauty you spoke of is so evident.
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