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Àŧùl Apr 2016
Baby, you're a liar!

You told me that it was real,
I thought real was forever,
But no!

Your love was real but weak,
I thought you were my peahen,
And myself your peacock.

But you loved just the bling,
The most shallow part of love,
You were never my dove.

Coz in the end you ditched me,
Chose over a peacock just a ****.
LDR was never your thing,
So no point blaming you,
But it's not so easy to forgive your blatant lies.

My HP Poem #1061
©Atul Kaushal
Hidden Secrets May 2015
You tame me
the same way the moon tames the Sun as they embrace each other during an eclipse
And the world watches in awe
admiring their beauty

You tame me
the same way the shore tames the ocean
because even though the ocean barks
crashing against itself like a wild beast
it becomes gentle as a mother
cradling her newborn
creeping in for a kiss
slow and delicate

You tame me
like a tigress being tamed by the king of the jungle
she dares not defy him
because if she does punishment is soon to follow
yet sensual

You tame me
Like a dominant taking control of his submissive
Making sure she knows who's in charge

You tame me
By battling my demons with your own

I allow you to tame me
Because I love you
Kelvin Apr 2015
Fake rhyme, cut your lines, drop your electricity cost,
Such a crime, give you time, from my spitfire; sharp claws,
Doing time, make your mind,  well done or raw,
Cuz' I'll make you mine, tame your kind,done? clean your paws.

Ecstasy, what you're feeling? my Legacy, after that i'll make you the deputy, even tho you're my enemy. Give you a lil' recipe, jealousy for my rhymes, my destiny. It's alright, while you're climbing up desperately, I'll be improving; endlessly.
Creds to kyh Vandios lolololol rap meister
AuntieBelle Dec 2014
Voice always waiting, waiting, wanting.
The stars are real but remain unused,
Unused and unhurt.

I saw wind and beauty wrong
(the arms should have been longer)
Wonder understands Miss Change lovingly.

It takes feet to stand.
The moon lies and memory matters.
Come, sit, watch the bad words with me in darkness.

Sound person.
High earth.
Ask the song fingers for something less boring.

We just like love,
And time and life and heart and
Something to be different, new today.

Feel the day
Way away, so far away
That day the thought train lost a good man.

Spirit never dies but neither
does it always return just
because we
need it
I forgave you long ago and I will always love you.
carolina haraki May 2014
My soul is trapped
Inside my dreams
My bones and skin
Can’t make me feel
I’m standing numb
As feelings sleep
Inside my cold and fragile heart
I’m either trapped inside myself
Or lost in an entangled world.
My soul is trapped
Inside my dreams
My bones and skin
Can’t make me feel
Jayanta Apr 2014
I was meanders over this land;
Bring essence of life,
Spreading blessing of earth
to make your land fertile!

Kings travelled through my torso,
Solders moved through us,
to defend your land!

Once you feel that I am liable
for your sorrow and tears!
You wedge our thoroughfare,
I am becoming torpid!
You were becoming proud,
That you were able to control me
and limit your struggle!

In reality you are trying hard  to **** me!  
But still, I am waiting,
To meet my soul mate and my sister!

I am trying hard to gather energy
to reach my adored waiting there!
This time,
When I will start my journey,
Whatever there on my way,
I will conquer it!

This time,
You can’t stop me!!
There was a river called Kalong flowing through Nagaon, Morigaon and Kamrup district of Assam, India. Kalong starts its journey from the colossal Brahmaputra and flowing through valleys (of three districts) and again meet Brhmaputra along with another river Kapili in the same spot. In post independent India, planners were becoming blind with power and half learned knowledge of technology, tamed the river at its source, in the name of flood control and irrigation. This exercise stopped the flow of water through the river channel and water for irrigation is becoming a distant dream for the farmer. But the hydrological   and seismological situation of the region indicates Kalong will revive one day and it will create its own path again; but nobody knows what will happened to villages and towns developed on its old path.
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