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Bas le masque
Dulcinea del Toboso !
Bas le masque
Aldonza Lorenzo !
Bas le masque
Idolâtres !

Aphrodites  de tout acabit
Dames de mes pensées
Invisibles Dulcinées
Dont j 'essuie les refus
Pour chacune de mes avances !

Mes feuilles, mes flammes, mes âmes !
Vénérées comme je n 'ai jamais été aimé !
Priées comme je n 'ai jamais été désiré !
Chantées comme je n 'ai jamais été embrassé !
Caressées comme jamais on ne m'a honoré !

Vos panoplies diverses et variées de Muse de chevalier errant
Ont pu jadis faire illusion auprès des fous errants
De triste figure et autres Rocinantes
Mais don Quijote de la Mancha
Est transi dans la place !

Fuyez Aphrodites vulgaires
Venez à moi Aphrodites célestes
Déployez en moi animus et anima
L 'énergie d'Eros.

Défiez-moi par vos énigmes
Questionnez-moi, jouons
A qui sera le moins sage
A qui saura lire entre les lignes
Des lèvres philosophes de l 'autre
Les chemins de traverse qui mènent au bonheur

Je suis Philon ! Soyez donc ma Sophie !
Je suis Salomon ! Soyez donc ma reine de Saba !
Vous êtes Désirée ?  Et muse si affinités ?
Adoubez-moi  Napoléon, prince consort !
Michael Briefs Mar 2018
Sophie sits quietly, soaking in the sounds.
This Jazz club suits her perfectly,
As she swallows spirituous rounds.
The music is hot, with Latin-flair, and
Pulsing, staccato, percussive drive.
The air on her shoulders is moist
In this Parisian summer jive.
Sophie tastes the twilight culture,
She lives for the buzz.
She won't accept the ordinary, she
Vibrates with bohemian blood!
She loves her music live in her
Sultry summer jive.
Holly M Aug 2017
"step right up, step right up
       the train leaves in an hour"
train? train to where?
       "oh, this train is magnificent
       technology from the year 3000
       it can take you wherever you want to go
       where the sun never stops shining
       fields full of flowers as far as the eye can see"
well, that sounds lovely!
could i lay in the grass and bask in the sun?
       "well, of course you can, beautiful!
       you can lay in the grass all day long
       sun shining on you
       and you never have to go back inside"
well, that sounds perfect!
what is there to do there?
      "anything you could ever possibly want!"
      "of course!"
are there rabbits to catch?
are there chickens to chase?
      "more chickens than you know what to do with, beautiful!"
how about water to traipse about in and swim in?
      "there is a beautiful lake under the shade of trees
      i'm sure you'd love it there!"
well, this place sounds wonderful!
i must tell them about it
they would love it there!
we can all lay in the sun together
and pick out shapes in the clouds
they could watch me chase the chickens and the rabbits
he and i could swim in the lake
oh, how lovely that would be!
       "my darling, that is the catch-
       one day, they will join you
       but it cannot be today
       you must get on this train alone
       for that is how you got off of it
       all those years ago"
i don't know about all this...
i don't want to go without them
please don't make me go alone
       "i'm sorry, sweet creature, but you must
       those are the rules, i'm afraid
       i know it is scary
       but you are brave
       i know you can do it"
i don't want to leave them
they are all i have
they give me affection and food
and i love them very much
if there is a place where the sun doesn't set
i want them there too
       "i know, but this is just how it is
       and this is how it has to be
       step right up, step right up!
       the train leaves in thirty minutes
       it is time to say goodbye"
goodbye? i don't want to say goodbye
i can't leave them!
who will they give hugs and belly rubs?
what will they possibly do with all those kisses?
       "i'm sure they can put them all to good use
       humans are good at that"
but who will kiss them?
who will say "i love you" every minute?
who will let them know about the thunderstorms?
they are very stupid and unafraid
so i must tell them when there is danger
tell me, who will do that if i'm not there?
       "they will be okay, i promise
       they will carry on
       humans are good at that
       step right up, step right up
       the train leaves in fifteen minutes
       be ready with your tickets"
i'm still not sure about this
it seems very sudden
for me to go on this trip
and not tell them about it
       "darling, it will be okay
       they will understand
       humans are not good at that
       but they will try their best for you"
how can you be sure?
they are very stupid and very silly
they need me to look after them
       "darling, it will be okay
       the time has come for them to look after themselves
       they will fail
       but they will try their best for you"
i am going to miss them though-
       "they will miss you too-"
i love them very much-
       "and they love you-"
but this place you speak of sounds so nice-
       "but it is time for you to go, my dear
       step right up, step right up
       the train is leaving now!
       say your final goodbyes-"
but this isn't goodbye, right?
and this isn't final-
it's just a 'see you later'
we'll meet again, i'm sure of it
because i was made for them
and they were made for me
       "it's time to choose now, love
       are you on or off?"
i suppose i have no choice
it is too good for me to pass up this offer
i know they will miss me
i know i will miss them
but as long as i keep in mind
one day they will meet me again
at their journey's end
it will all be okay
so you see
this is not goodbye
and it isn't final
this is 'see you later'
this is 'see you around'
i love you all
       "all aboard!"
but the train is leaving
and i must go now
goodbye, you guys
see you again one day soon
but not too soon
we will all be okay
one day you will join me
and then we'll all be the okayest we could have ever been!
i'm looking forward to that day
but for now
the train is leaving
and i must go now
inggo Oct 2015
Her name is Sophie
The girl that is so free
She's so bubbly
That makes her so lovely

Her rosy cheeks
The jolly way she speaks
Her beauty that you can't resist
Yes this girl really exists
Kelvin Apr 2015
Fake rhyme, cut your lines, drop your electricity cost,
Such a crime, give you time, from my spitfire; sharp claws,
Doing time, make your mind,  well done or raw,
Cuz' I'll make you mine, tame your kind,done? clean your paws.

Ecstasy, what you're feeling? my Legacy, after that i'll make you the deputy, even tho you're my enemy. Give you a lil' recipe, jealousy for my rhymes, my destiny. It's alright, while you're climbing up desperately, I'll be improving; endlessly.
Creds to kyh Vandios lolololol rap meister
Rhiannon Grace Nov 2014
you have always been half a world away
but now my heart is only breaking more
i don't know if you're really gone
but your silence only lengthens this war

even though you never knew it
you helped fight the demons in my mind
just the thought of you leaving me
erases all hope i could ever think to find

i honestly can't say that i'm surprised
i always knew that one day you'd leave me
but i still don't want to believe it's true
because my heart still says that it can't be

i didn't even know that i could break more
but i guess that's what you do
you poison and destroy
then leave when it's convenient for you

even though you've ruined me forever
to me, love was never a lie
and there is no way that i could ever say
Silence Screamz Oct 2014
Was it because,

   I wore black?
   I wore make up?
   I colored my hair blue?
   I listened to different music?
   I didn't play sports?
   I had few friends?
   I didn't say Hi to you?
   I didn't wave to you?
   I didn't go to prom?
   I didn't fit in with the norm?
   I was fat?
   I was skinny?
   I was ***?
   I was black?
   I was Asian?
   I was white?
   I wasn't as beautiful as you?
   I wasn't on the honor roll?

Or was it because
I was just being me?
Dedicated to everyone that has felt this way and to memory of Sophie Lancaster and her boyfriend, Robert Maltby
Meaggy Aylward Jun 2014
the world holds you
with complete delight-
time rocks you in reverence
and seconds and hours are prayers for you.

the world is new and
it sings and sighs in solar keys
and mountains hills and trees
are temples
with life for living.
you are the most beautiful melody
each note a psalm
and your heart one great balm
that soothes us.

honey you are pure life
your eyes pools of
deep genuflection
you find love for everything

and darling you love so truthfully.
poem for a lovely little baby

— The End —