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MARIO Dec 2018
Perhaps everyone is born a monster,
Growing in wickedness and villainy everyday
Until certain requirements are met.
Love, whether it be from man or woman,
Or somewhere in between,
Is the power that binds goodness
To the vessels of the heart.
Every soul born into this world
Is at sometime fixed unto another,
Filling both hearts with love and devotion.
It is important we are careful with this love -
As evil remains behind in us,
And if love were to be untethered,
The heart would not break or shatter,
But rather spill its contents.
Spilled love is wasted time,
Withered intimacy, and jagged memory.
But if one can hold onto this warm bond,
It is worth every emotion you have.
In this life and the next,
I will find you,
And I will love you.
MARIO Nov 2018
On the very boring street of Venetia Avenue
A child, not unlike you or me, looked through
A crack in the pavement.
What did he see? Many have asked
The same question we ponder today.
In reality, it does not matter
But I will tell you nonetheless
Under our feet looms another world
One of people who lead polar lives
In the land of Mundus
All is grey and glum
Because you can't invert a world of invention;
You will end up with only desire
For what will cease to exist
Upon a second visit.
MARIO Oct 2018
I always come running
When I catch a glimpse of them
My heart starts drumming
When my eyes meet your gems
Crystal pieces of broken off heaven
How could a guy even resist?
Everyday we'd dress in denim
Meet under the moon and kiss
Listenin' to some John Lennon
And those eyes like the ocean's abyss
Once again, in them I get lost
But that's just how I wanna be
"This feeling has a simple cost -
True love" and your eyes gleamed like the sea
My locked heart found a key
MARIO Oct 2018
A stiff string runs up my arm like a jagged vein
And it makes me do these things
Once again I make someone feel pain
It's not my fault, I pray and I sing
All my hopes and dreams are in vain
Around my neck, a pure silver ring
I'm so sorry, they make me do these things
If it wasn't me, it'd be someone else
Without you, I'm just not myself
Stargazing and I fear for my health
I'm dyin'
MARIO Oct 2018
i tell her the truth
je suis en amour
her reaction is uncouth
she points me to the door
she says we are but youth
“of this i want no more,
get out and stay out
garçon en amour!”
MARIO Oct 2018
A black castle perched at a great height
Just barely out of the reach of me
The tower no different than any other night
So dark that it’s quite natural not to see
Yet my eyes are keen to this sort of sight
Secrets spill into my head rather lazily
But sit stagnant and take no form, no flight
So I carry myself quite lackadaisically
On this night it seemed the absence of light
Had reached levels of terribly high
But open your eyes, you could and you might
See Tour Noire, black tower in the sky
it means something
MARIO Oct 2018
I could never fall in love in Florida
The suns just too bright
And I just can’t do it
The time is never right
It’s time to just say ***** it
I know I’m a *******
You won’t want me anyway darling
Together we just don’t fit
Do I believe these words I write?
No, not one bit
But that’ll never stop me, babe
When I love I never quit
And if I had it my way
Things would be so different
But I guess you’re better off honey
I’m crazy and I’m confused
But hey at least I’m funny baby
Cover your eyes, guess who?
You know it’s me darling
This should be nothing new to you
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