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Rasheed May 2020
Lawrencia, A flower full of colors but difficult to find...
We've got this memories emerge from time to time...
But will soon be fading away to darkness as if we were blind.

Your smiles followed you behind as you went away.
No longer written on your face for us to see everyday.
Its not getting easier for us day by day

Enoch is forgetting about you..
I am no more haunting your smiles my dreams..
No more deep brown angelic eyes that made Justice soul scream..
Because we couldn't have you in our arms under the sunbeams..

Remember the K.F.C night with ice-cream and chicken tie.
I think that part of us will not die.
I think that part of us will stay alive.
There is more to come in this endless goodbyes.
This poem is written for Lawrencia, a lady with class and beautiful. Her beauty is something beyond imagination. We missed her so much
LeV3e May 2018
What is it that separates you from me?
A short distance between
The atoms that build our bodies?
Or is it a mentality, made up by
Different struggles we suffer while
People fight for every waking moment
Just to breathe...
Can anybody tell me the difference
Between "knowing better" and
Does anyone really know who
Scribbled on the stone tablets
Deciphering the code that some
"Other being" told us was ethical?
Where did Enoch really go?
When he opened the gates to heaven,
And spoke to Gabriel about Thee?
Was it he who read the book of
Life, and came to understand
Only to leave the world
By God's demand?
Will I ever be more than this
Ant receiving signals by antennas
Sending advertisements telling me
What to buy next so I can be like
All the rest who are happy while
Society straps me in a straight jacket
Driving me mad with stress and
Ceaseless demands...
Maybe making more money will
At least buy me some ******* time
To relax.
Most ministers ignore Enoch’s story because they’re still with us!

— The End —