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Why is it when i chase the moon it gets smaller and further away?
Always waiting for tomorrow but living in today,
I thought this journey would be brighter as the moon lights my way,
But each ditch and trip that takes me down begs of me to stay.

The air on my skin is cold and the night pitch black,
I'm worried that I've lost you and there's no going back,
A howl in the distance, i hope those wolves attack,
The moon is getting dimmer as it guides me on my track.

Maybe I'll always feel as partial as this moon,
Filled with unknown, deflated like a balloon,
Counting every breath as though I'll see you soon,
What is it that i chase when i chase that elusive moon?
Casey Rodger Apr 4
When was that time again when i didn't mind?
That time when everything seemed to be fine,
The whole world seem to burn around me,
But i didn't mind because i was free.

When was that time again when i didn't care?
What was mine was yours and we would share,
I felt like i could change the world,
A fully grown women in the body of a girl.

When was that time again that i was excited?
I'd venture alone, didn't need to be invited,
Some where between being loved and accepted,
Some where between being hated and rejected.

Time is known to heal all wounds,
Soul language is said to be music and tunes,
Dance is always the body's expression,
But what lives under my deep depression?

How long ago was it that i felt complete?
Could it be that i always felt defeat?
Do i stop myself before i begin?
Do i lose myself before i can win?
I always thought the answers were within,
But here i am, stuck in my skin.

I know that i am not alone,
I hate being so engrossed in my phone,
I'm actively trying my best out here,
But so much out here seems so unclear.

I don't think as i write my thoughts into poems,
Exploring the depth of my great unknowns,
Like everyone else i search for my purpose,
And hope to myself that i am worth it.
Casey Rodger Apr 4
You bring me up and down at the same time,
You create the tangles inside my mind,
You've been horrible to me but also kind,
You see it all but are still so blind.

You hurt me desert me, use and abuse,
You always fight against my blues.
You often set me up to lose,
You do what you do, i don't get to choose.

You're mean to me so often i cry,
You damage me but never say goodbye,
You have always been there by my side,
I see you confident, i see you shy.

One day i know you'll be incredible,
The memories we make are unforgettable,
The bond we have is more than chemical,
I want this life to be less than terrible.

I have so much love for you its true,
And i know there is nothing i can do,
To ever get away from you,
All i can do is see this through.

You're supposed to be my inseparable mate,
We are here today due to fate,
Release from your heart all that hate,
Let us be friends - We will be great!

If only for a moment i wish you could see,
You are my enemy - but you are me!
I'm  hoping you hear my desperate plee,
I hope i befriend this devil in me.

So Casey when you read this one time,
This crazy message from my crazy mind,
Discover this love i know you'll find,
You see all things but to yourself you are blind.
Casey Rodger Apr 3
How easy it can be to regress back to square one.
Back in that square where you did everything wrong.
Back in that place you worked so hard from.
Back in that square where you belong.
All this time i thought i could be strong.
Feeling so old even when i am young.
Grinding my teeth as i bite through my tongue.
I'm right back here.. Back in square ******* one.
Casey Rodger Mar 7
When you cross my mind
There's nothing i can do
My face can not hide
What i feel for you

I wish that you could see
Even just for moments
Yourself through me
And all your best components

From our first kiss
Stealing random items
Talking about cactus
My spirits you have lightened

More then just today
I'll be your valentine
In every other way
I'll be yours and you be mine
Casey Rodger Mar 7
You're not a stranger in the universe
You aren't a unique fluke of life
You weren't born into a curse
And there is no wrong or right

When you look into yourself
You'll start to figure out
We're not meant for material wealth
Its hard to believe without doubt

One day i hope you realize and feel
That what you are deep down inside
In the essence that makes you real
Is what can not be denied

You are
the fabric
and structure
of existence

Life is but a dream
Perception but an illusion
Strange as that may seem
Wake up from your delusion

When your soul journey begins
Don't scare away too easy
Don't judge thy self for sins
I know that sounds a little cheesy
But take a second to believe me.
Casey Rodger Nov 2018
"Do something you love" they say,
"And you'll never work a day".
Others tell me to sacrifice,
Hate my job and hate half my life,
"Do something you're good at, though not so fond,"
"In order to have and do the things you want".
One day they will see,
All that stuff they "need",
Doesn't really matter, or isn't their soul purpose,
Look back on their life and wonder if its worth it.
Find what brings you alive, than go live it!
All you have is time, and its yours - every minute.
Theres more to life than working for some thing or some one,
When i found my passion i knew i had begun.
What am i preaching in this rhyme ?
We should be more focused on how we spend our time,
Rather than how we spend our money,
Which at first might seem funny,
But ask yourself - What am i here to do?
Work for me? Or work for you?
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