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Cal Ashiq Aug 2022
Tara na sa bahagharing kay ganda
Kasabay ng kislap ng iyong mata
Mga ngiting di alintana
Hiling kong makita sana

Halimuyak na iyong dala
Sa akin ay nagpapangulila
Tamis ng iyong tinig
Labis kong iniibig

Giliw ako'y ilagay sa iyong isipan
Kaagapay sa kahirapan
Pagkat ikaw man ay lilisan
Magtatagpo pa rin kinabukasan

Isang banayad na panalangin
Aking laging sasambitin
Sa iyo'y ipagkaloob itong dinidingin
Wagas na pagmamahal ng Diyos na mahabagin

Kay Hesus aking sasambitin
Na ika'y lagi nyang mamahalin
Hihingin kay Birheng Maria
Na kailanma'y di ka mangulila

Sana'y lagi **** madama
Sa tuwing ika'y nag iisa
Yakap nilang kay Tamis at Ganda
Di mawawala itong pagsinta

Kailanma'y sa puso at diwa
Sumasaiyo itong magandang gunita
Cal Ashiq Jul 2022
With the ocean drift away
From this world led astray
With sands in your hand
As if everything is by your command

By the gentle wind that went by
Be taken far to the heavenly sky
Tis this feeling of freedom
For all sufferings you shall overcome

Let the stars lead you right
My dear lovely sight
Always here by your side
Till our worlds collide

Never shall you be alone
Nor shall be left forlorn
With my prayers unfailingly
Holding your hand till eternity

For we are bereft of separation
As this heart knows no distinction
For our mirrored souls will never part
As i held you dear from the very start

May God hold you close
Be His beloved most
Blessed with His warm embrace
For all the rest of your days

May He smile always upon you my Rainbow
Such Silver Lining i'll never let go
May thy Hereafter be filled with His Love
As angels welcome you to His kingdom above

May God hear this silent plea
May He see you as I see thee
Forever shall I be
A blessing to you by the Almighty
Cal Ashiq Jul 2022
Lugod akong nagtitiwala
Sa bawat yapak mo prinsesa
Wari mo'y ulap sa iyo'y nakayakap
Para sa pighati **** naranasan sa bawat pagsisikap

Halik na tila'y simoy ng hangin sa bukang liwayway
Sa pisngi mo'y dadampi na walang kapantay
Pasakit ma'y puno sa nakaraa't kinabukasan
Ako sayo'y kailanman di lilisan

Umagang darating ma'y puno ng tagdilim
Kalangitan ma'y maging kulimlim
Sana'y wag na wag kang bibitiw
Pagka't bawat pighati'y lilipas aking giliw

Aking kama'y naririto
Kung kailangan ma'y sambitin mo
Dumaan ang panahon
Sa anumang pagkakataon

Sa isang tula ako'y nanalangin
Dasal kong ito'y sana'y dinggin
Sa iyo'y ipagkaloob nawa ng maykapal
Kay gandang paraisong puno ng pagmamahal
Cal Ashiq Jul 2022
A weary heart with no hope of tomorrow
Such Restless soul of this angel i know
With dreary smile of such beauty
Despite engulfed with uncertainty

She keeps her doubts in seashells
For as not to release her inner rebel
Although crystal clear waters show her struggle
She’d bury it in sand with her mighty shovel

A poor angel, she’d deny to think of herself
“I’m not weak. Get a hold of yourself!”
Because despite how the waves cause her drifting
She still knows the sunset is just the beginning

For as the sun falls down the next day she will rise
And despite of any storm that will catch her by surprise
I know she will succeed for i trust her with all my heart
No agony nor affliction will ever tear her apart
Cal Ashiq Mar 2019
The complexities she had showed the goddess she is
A divine majesty no one could just kiss
Her iridescent elegance no one has ever seen
Built from the painful past she have been

The universe doesn't compare to her beauty
She's the most fearless and gentle warrior you'll see
Her eyes carry galaxies and a thousand sunsets
You'd be dumbfounded as her gaze takes away all your breaths

Her smile dulled the stars' luster
That they fall just to catch a glimpse of her
Just as the sunflower reflects the glory of the sun
She rose from the ashes with a hope that will never be gone

She deserved more than the love she gave all away
A fathomless perennial amour that will stay
She was born from the perfection of the Almighty
Yet being convinced she's not, is her greatest tragedy
Cal Ashiq Dec 2018
I've sought to travel the world searching for happiness
Having been alone in this life seems like a curse
I've wished to see the rays of tomorrow
Hoping the joy it would bring will never go

Wandering foolishly seeking a purpose and goal
Not knowing what's certainly my call
I looked past you and the ones that are really dear
Consumed by sorrow overwhelmed by fear

So I started tracking my steps back to you
With regret I cried for your love that I knew
I hustled past all these trials just to hold your hand
Despite this distance I'll travel any land

As I approached you love I knelt and said
I promise to never leave your side till I'll be dead
With a smile you drove my worries away
We're each other's home now, forever we'll stay

Should this life of ours would come to an end
We'll find each other in another lifetime again
Cal Ashiq Dec 2018
Dear One

These past cold dark nights filled me with gloom
There's no one by my side left in the room
I feld deserted with no one to hold on
Pitifully crying lying here all alone

I gave my best to reach that goal
After standing all over again I always fall
It's hard for me to bear this shame
I feel like I'm always the loser in life's game

Suddenly a ray of hope awoken me from deep slumber
Reminding me of what I've forgotten to remember
Failure and mistakes doesn't determine who you are
What we do after it decides if we're going to reach that far

So rest your soul and take a break dear one
You may have lost a battle but the war is yet to be won
The Hardships you faced today will be your Strength tomorrow
It's okay to fall down sometimes but hold your dreams, never let go
Rest SelfLove
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