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Cal Ashiq Mar 29
The complexities she had showed the goddess she is
A divine majesty no one could just kiss
Her iridescent elegance no one has ever seen
Built from the painful past she have been

The universe doesn't compare to her beauty
She's the most fearless and gentle warrior you'll see
Her eyes carry galaxies and a thousand sunsets
You'd be dumbfounded as her gaze takes away all your breaths

Her smile dulled the stars' luster
That they fall just to catch a glimpse of her
Just as the sunflower reflects the glory of the sun
She rose from the ashes with a hope that will never be gone

She deserved more than the love she gave all away
A fathomless perennial amour that will stay
She was born from the perfection of the Almighty
Yet being convinced she's not, is her greatest tragedy
Cal Ashiq Dec 2018
I've sought to travel the world searching for happiness
Having been alone in this life seems like a curse
I've wished to see the rays of tomorrow
Hoping the joy it would bring will never go

Wandering foolishly seeking a purpose and goal
Not knowing what's certainly my call
I looked past you and the ones that are really dear
Consumed by sorrow overwhelmed by fear

So I started tracking my steps back to you
With regret I cried for your love that I knew
I hustled past all these trials just to hold your hand
Despite this distance I'll travel any land

As I approached you love I knelt and said
I promise to never leave your side till I'll be dead
With a smile you drove my worries away
We're each other's home now, forever we'll stay

Should this life of ours would come to an end
We'll find each other in another lifetime again
Cal Ashiq Dec 2018
Dear One

These past cold dark nights filled me with gloom
There's no one by my side left in the room
I feld deserted with no one to hold on
Pitifully crying lying here all alone

I gave my best to reach that goal
After standing all over again I always fall
It's hard for me to bear this shame
I feel like I'm always the loser in life's game

Suddenly a ray of hope awoken me from deep slumber
Reminding me of what I've forgotten to remember
Failure and mistakes doesn't determine who you are
What we do after it decides if we're going to reach that far

So rest your soul and take a break dear one
You may have lost a battle but the war is yet to be won
The Hardships you faced today will be your Strength tomorrow
It's okay to fall down sometimes but hold your dreams, never let go
Rest SelfLove
Cal Ashiq Jul 2018
She's a Queen you've never heard before
An angelic beauty down to her core
She gleams like a full moon in a beautiful night
A star she is burning so bright

She's not in need of a King to sweep her off her feet
She's a warrior no one can beat
Her heart is a diamond though she doesn't trust easily
But when she loves it's the best you'll ever see

She's heaven and hell combined
A goddess you'll never find
She's a lovely storm you'll certainly fear
Someone you can't simply handle my dear

She's not born for boys just to play with
She's not just someone she knows she's worth it
She stands tall and strong despite of any pain
Regardless of any difficulty her faith will never wane

Just as the Sun lights the sky her smile makes the whole world shine
A Belle Âme unfathomably divine
Cal Ashiq Apr 2018
I've already died in this affection
I chose loving you for eternal damnation
For hell is lovelier and heaven is worth nothing
If I'm not with you my darling

I've treaded the path of oblivion with felicity
Rather than enjoying paradise for eternity
Just to be blessed with your smile
Making this contingent existence worthwhile

For even if in the end i'll be annihilated
And all the memories of my being forgotten
I'll be forever grateful for a love not wasted
Devoting myself to you all of my life time and time again
Cal Ashiq Mar 2018
She's that girl, a dark mystery
A maiden with a blood of royalty
She'll charm you with her lovely smile
And fool you with her childish style

Her mischievious eyes would enchant you
Her untamed curls bears secrets yet won't give you a clue
An angel from the depths of hell
Such beauty she has that I can't tell

You'll never know the enigmatic thoughts that runs in her mind
She may be violent and cranky but someone like her you'll never find
A princess with a loving heart but not weak
She has that tough facade yet not apathetic

Though darkness engulfed her she continues to bloom
Such joy she has despite she's in gloom
A lady with a face that brings chaos to whoever falls for it
Yet believe me she's a blessing you'll certainly be glad to meet

God! How i adore her for the beauty she has that I see
One day she'll be the best person she could ever be
I promise to look after her each step of the way
A guiding light that would never go away
Cal Ashiq Mar 2018
I have loved you in every way
Died for our amour each and every day
You brought me happiness and tears
Helped me face all of my fears

Your lights and darkness i have embraced
In this affection i'm but effaced
There's no one i've adored more
No other soul i've been born for

Although to you I'm but a stranger
This love for thee has become deeper
I might be a nobody in your sight
But dear in your name i wont give up a fight

How can words define an abyss of what i feel
Should it be compared to an ocean it seems unreal
I'll love you despite of everything my dear
I'll take the risk that all have grown to fear

I'll embrace the agony of uncertainty
With the depths of my love that remains a mystery
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