Mar 18 Keren
Ann M Johnson

Why do I lay my burdens down only to go and pick them up again

I have recently been facing some prolonged medical issues.
Keren Nov 2016

You left me.
I was lost
Waiting to be found again.

  Oct 2016 Keren
Mysidian Bard

They always say that
Tomorrow might be better
But I'm still waiting

Keren Oct 2016

Lying on the bermuda grass
gazing at the stars,
we planned for our future
as if it's only a call away.

I remembered how you asked me,
"Why arent you writing anymore?"
And i sniffed, "Got no inspiration"
You kept silent, we had a fight that day.

And now Im alone,
Remembering where it went wrong
Like a strike of a lightning into a forbidden tree
I wasnt quite sure of the answer

All I know is that,
I lost the poet in me
When I found the love I am longing...

in you.

That's what love has taught me:

For you, my love.
  Sep 2016 Keren
Akhil Kumar

She talked about my poetry all the time
And she was my poetry all about


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