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Long long ago Indian Sages had predicted
There would be a time
*** would dominate people's mind
Their prophecy is coming true
*** is increasingly prevailing over minds
Younger and old alike
Internet has opened floodgates of *** material
****** floodgates are open round the year
While hydraulic floodgates open during torrential rains
****** jump dissipates
*** energy
Similar fashion hydraulic jump dissipates kinetic energy
Fornication is common
Pre-marital *** a test paper examination
Where both are examiners as well as students
It's becoming a great menace
When it comes to minors
Parents fail to keep check on their children
What's is taboo for them
Children learn to raise their ***** while raising their fingers on the key pad
To curb increasing ****** activities on the internet
Which is becoming a bane for the society
I suggest the Govts. bring a legislation
Imposing '*** Tax' for internet users on data used on *** material
*** Tax be deducted at source by the Internet Service Providers
Filling Govts. coffers for social welfare
Undesirable ****** activities on the internet would be curbed
When their pockets are hurt
Modalities may be worked out by the Tax Experts
I have to make a few suggestions here
Filing of '*** Tax Returns' by the Internet Users should be dispensed with altogether
Penal rate ten times the normal '*** Tax' rate should be imposed
On Legislators who watch **** during business hours
Besides this, the Speaker of the House should be given special powers
Call such Hon'ble Legislators to the well of the House
And give ten pinches on their *****
So, in public interest
It's my advice to the Govts.
Please introduce '*** Tax' for Internet Users
Curbing the menace in the current situation!
Ginger R Aug 2019
I had stitched every hole
Every worn down place
Yes, I was perfectly flawed
But I was sewn tight together

The waves could come
Shake me if they could
But my stitching stayed strong
I thought it always would

There's something new
Hunting me down
Sharp sharp claws
My stitches fall to the ground

Like a torrent of rain
Just enough to crack open
The floodgates

I am lost in the river and I can't see the ground
Praying for a hand to reach out but I won't make a sound
I feel like everything is great
Except I've had more panic attacks in the last week then the rest of my life?
And like I just don't want people to think i'm trying to 'be cool' cause 'everyone has anxiety sometimes you aren't special' but like, hahaha a therapist would be nice.
Makenzie Marie Mar 2019
Holding back the feeling
A shift
in the wind
Turns to overflowing
The Pain,
Leaving me reeling...
Jo March Feb 2017
Let the tear roll down your cheek once in a while,
cry out loud for everything you have been holding in since long time!
Weep, weep and weep
running out of breath
or just sit with flowing eyes.
Whatever suits you, calms you down
just know a thing,
crying isn't sign of being cow.
Cowards are those who are scared to cry,
scared to open floodgates once in a while...
SabreLi Dec 2016
We had it made, we had it all
Nothing could come in between us until the siren called
I heard her warning, saw the signs
But she poisoned you against me and filled your head with lies

While you stood by and ignored my pleas I continued to fight
But little by little she stole you from me just like a thief in the night

Her tempest of temptation broke through your floodgates
And drinking her seduction made you forget your mistakes
So I can understand
Why you’d want to hold her hand
But the crutch you think is temporary has her own demands

I saw her coming from miles off
It was as if in slow motion but it wasn’t slow enough
Like ships in the night we capsized
As she sabotaged the lighthouse and led us to our demise

Before long she stood upon our wreckage as we had lost the fight
She stole you away despite my objections just like a thief in the night

Her tempest of temptation broke through your floodgates
And drinking her seduction made you forget your mistakes
So I can understand
Why you’d want to hold her hand
But the crutch you think is temporary has her own demands

Temptation does not relent
To be satisfied with her loot does not make her content
She’ll take it all; your dying breath
And you will give it blindly not knowing she is death

Copyright ©2016-2017 KF
Written about a couple of people very close to me who came to rely on alcohol too much and eventually succumbed to its effects.
No matter how many
love poems I write,

Or times I try explaining
all of it to you

None of it would be as effective
as if I were to simply
place my heart on a platter

and that would be an act
whose gruesomeness
would be profane,

no statement is proper
no statement is effective

and you tell me that I don’t need
to try explaining it ,
but then sometimes lying next to you,
I am afraid that I am draining too much
and not opening my own floodgates
Arturo Hernandez Jul 2014
We sat down. I kept my lips from moving as I was watching yours. I wanted to hold you but you kept a two foot distance from my hip to yours. I clenched my jaw. I could not bare to witness what I was about to be run over with, but I could not stall. I knew the words before you said them, and I couldn’t stop rubbing my knee.

I stood up thinking about what I could say. I tried to reason with you. I tried to reason with me. I held the bridge of my nose with my jaw trying to weather away a few words. You tried to hold me close but my body couldn’t move from the poison you delivered with your touch. You said things. I couldn’t process them all. My ears would not listen.

I had to go. I opened the door. I wained left though I should have gone right. Actually, I wanted to run straight through the wall. I made fists with my hand I kept shaking my head. I’m not sure what I was trying to get rid of. I turned around to look at you. I wanted to hear more. I waited to hear you say something, but I dint hear a word.

I left. I knew you hadn’t felt a thing. Not a tingle. Didn’t fret. I came home and on my way to bed I saw my bottle only a twist of cap away. I thought about what you had said. In went the first. I thought about what I had said. Now in went the second. Then I thought about what I should have said and in went the last two in my bottle.

I walked back. You were very nice and I could tell you were pleased to see me. I could’ve cared less for your hospitality. I was at your door and you were right in front of me, and you were nothing. I was very blunt to tell you deserved nothing, and I saw your same poison run through every inch of your cold body.

You shut your door. I had a crooked smile in my face. I knew I had injected you with the same grief, but it was bitter sweet. One second second I was relived, the other said silently that it was a mistake. I laughed from the venom still in my veins, and I felt pity. You had darkened my heart, but I felt pity for me for having fallen so low.

— The End —