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A Wegner Apr 2018
Is this real?
Or make-believe?
Always falling
But you're falling with me.

Lifetime in repeat.

Hold my hand as we go
Down this rabbit hole,
Confused by the motion,
The seasons, the years...
Your laugh making gravity worth it.

Exposed - the final destination is known,
Around we go.
Like yesterday's been,
And yesterday's gone.

Feel the crisp Winter air,
Look at the people,
How they smile
Or how they moan,
I wonder, do they know?
That we can have everything,
But nothing alone.
A Wegner Feb 2018
Paradise of the mind
A precarious place to be,
The jungle of sleep.
Wake. Sleep.
A cyclical smile arises
Easing societal surprises,
You’ve got them at your feet
All you’re doing is counting,
And everyone can sleep.
Run sand run.
Sleep sloth sleep.
Sporadically blitz,
Contrasting brain blip
Turn your head
And sleep.
‘We will be there soon’
And you show them your
Can you smile?
Just for fun
I hear a conversation running


Same as last week.
Staring at those peas
Counting the –
Components and compartments,
To fit your
Flesh and bone things.
Caught up in the monotony of it all, will I stumble? Will I fall?
A Wegner Sep 2017
Each time it grows a little darker
Each tear a little sharper
Make it stay a while longer
Let it gleam and feel its heat
Be okay with not okay
Feel elated there’s a beat

Because we are so much more than this moment
This moment doesn’t own me
I think yesterday I smiled
And today I couldn’t speak
Wrap me up and feed me
Water me like a mule
But I’ll make it through this new day
If it’s the only thing I do
A Wegner Sep 2017
'So long as men can breathe, or eyes can see,
So long lives this, and this gives life to thee.’
- William Shakespeare

Could you be my best for last?
It’s the want that can ache.
Afraid. Content nonetheless,
A golden cage self-made.

Save me and take me
Gollum of my youth.
Haven’t a clue
Where I’m going,
But I’m sure I came with you.
Transmuted from your touch.
This is a climactic heap
Whatever this is –

Offering affairs and wares.
Beautiful stilted tomb,
Cradle my stone bedside,
Accompany the whistling tune.

Tracing every spindling crack
Admiring it like an artefact,
Leave me,
Like a child at a museum
Getting lost and losing track,
Tracking back
Mused, amazed,
Wonderment haze.

Damp shadows cast their way with us
Never to be dust.
Forlorn loss of clarity,
Walls waxed with tears and
forged with alchemy,
Our very own reality.
Eyes flicker in perpetuum,
In love with what surrounds me.
When love gives you life - but changes everything.
For good and for bad and for need of it to never go away.
A Wegner Jan 2017
'The biggest problem with communication is that we don’t listen to understand, we listen to respond.'

You trace my bottomless eyes to the pit of my stomach
You stare at the tip of my tongue,
With that sordid tang on it;
Reassure me now,
I am not the cause of it.

Taste, but not too late
The stuff of which
I am made.
Never think
I would clean the bottom
Piety of your sink

Would you hear me?
Muffled in a crowd?
Where my delusions
Of your confusions
Are shrouded

I smell repugnance
And make nothing of it
O the fancies of tongues
Bowed, I make nothing of it
In the crowd I hear your sound
I make nothing of it
My rejoinder blaring loud
You make nothing of it

The boil of the grey water
Murky glasses unclean -
Silent unorderly

I make a run for it.
Bit of a cryptic one, but one of my favourites.
A Wegner Jan 2017
Embrasse-moi lentement

The lavender sweet perfume;
A little too old for you
Though you were always more
Of a summer child
I seized you in a Winters night
Migrating birds,
Together we took flight

You crumble I know
Under a gentle kiss,
Not nips and grips
At such tenderness,
I value you sweet Delilah
With more than primitiveness

.   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .   .

That dusky lavender scent
Still draws me in,
The cuddliness of the years
Still comforts inward tears
And I never let go of you, my girl
That young sweet 16,
Who never knew love

Though all those many years ago
You played me for a security- false
It was true, sincere
I needed you here;
Now that you’re gone,
I feel myself disappear.
A Wegner Dec 2016
You prefer succulents over grass
Plastic abhorred to glass
Preserve the trembling cast
The remnants,
Life’s artefacts
My heart, the truth -
Comforting and humble
With you I’m free

You are the rhythm in my bones
My present, past and future known
With you like roads made cobblestone
I cannot live without my heart
I cannot live if we’re apart
At least at heart please keep me be
For bound to you I’m totally free
You're my everything
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