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Anais Vionet Jul 2020
I am unkissable
I am unreachable
I am semi-innocent
I am under pressure
I have an impassioned mind
I need to be taken in hand
I need to love soberly
a state a distinct form in which one can exist
Lizley Dec 2015
I love you
I will love you when you’re good or when you’re bad and
When you are happy or sad
I will love you
Even when you’re mad or even
When I am
I will love you when you’re failing or frustrated
And if you’re falling apart I will
Keep every piece of you from hitting the ground
I will love you in our good times
I will love you more
In our bad ones
And I will still love you
Tomorrow or the next day or even the days after that
Because I love you now
I always and will always do
I never ever want to stop doing so, because
I love you
© Lizley (Maria Flordeliz Yamog)
I love you. Unconditionally. To whoever it is that I end up with in front of the altar.
jess Nov 2014
I exhale.
As I fade from this life, I’ll float into the next and to eternity. I am so deeply enveloped in this world that I dissolve into all the others. My body will decompose, and I will exist again as a new collection of atoms.
I suppose through delusional, philosophical excuse I am connected to this world. And I suppose that stardust constellates and buries themselves in my bones. So I must grow in dimensions greater than height, width, and length.
But the veins of this new world are thin wires of cables and in complex codes and formulas are sent to and received by another motherless machine. Although, I’d rather break these wires and create a spark that can be felt rather than seen.
Let me ignite a craving under the continents and satisfy a spark that cannot be replicated by plastic or manipulated into energy. Let me feel the pressure of the world and the thick atmosphere that caves my posture. Let me once more feel by the fibers of kings and commoners that lace through my veins.
The world is deteriorating and has been left so deprived of life’s ecstasy that it is now hollow and I can only hear my own echoes.
This was my entry for a creative writing contest

— The End —