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Zack Ripley Jun 2021
How can so much go wrong under a sky filled with pinks, golds, and blues?
These days, it feels like a chore to turn on the evening news.
Don't get me wrong. I know life has never been a pleasure cruise.
But day by day, I'm getting more addicted to the snooze button
JV Beaupre Feb 2021
In the beginning there was procrastination,
and I can't wait to start putting that off.

To begin or not to begin that divides us all.

Deferring action never increases entropy,
and lengthens the life of the universe.

Completion happens once, but delay has no limit.

I'm not dithering, just exploring all the options.

This "beginning" poem has just been hijacked by hesitation,
and dragged down the rat hole of reluctance.

Oh well, there is always tomorrow.
One can always say, my muse took a snooze.
spacewtchhh May 2020
From my sound sleep, I heard that sound again.
Oh, it's just the alarm.
"Will you hear me out now?" says the snooze.
I thought that I just need more time to rest.
I snoozed it again.
After a few minutes, he asked me again, "Will you hear me out now?"
I turned it off.
What do I do now?
Should I push myself up? Or get back to sleep?
spacewtchhh May 2020
I clicked snooze on the alarm
It says that I should wake up
But I still want to sleep.
Amanda Kay Burke Apr 2019
I stare while you peacefully sleep
Trying to peek inside your brain
It is the trust issues plaguing my thoughts
Driving me this insane

Why do I act crazy
Every time I get too close?
All I desire is a guarantee
That I am the one you want the most

You say you are happy with me
But something won’t let me believe
Hesitation in your smile
Betrays truth I long to receive

A confession would ease my worries
You show no honesty as evidence
To prove promises are accurate
Strengthen your defense

I wish every word you said was true
My heart would have relief
It’s hard so unsure I ponder
Your emotions as you sleep
Yes I sound like a stalker I know
Luna Apr 2019
Tell me when to wake
for if I could choose then I
would sleep forever
V liv Nov 2018
Sleep is so peaceful
Life is so bitter
Isaac Oct 2018
Your life is valuable.
Your attention is too.
So don't be casual
About what you give it to.
Be purposely picky
With what you choose.
Each option is really
Putting all else on snooze.
Written 31 October 2018
DancingEnt Mar 2018
Your breath
Fills my heart
With happiness

I'm just lying here listening
To it enter and leave your chest
Fantasizing about the days we have
The days we have to look forward to
The future that I want to build with you

You inspire me in so many ways
To love you better, harder, fuller
To rise to my potential every day
With every snore my heart flutters

You're a twitcher, too
Which makes me giggle
I often wonder what you're dreaming about
If we are hiking and you have tripped
If Bones has crawled under your legs
If Tucker has jumped on you again
If your brother has tackled you to wrestle
If you just dropped the weights at the gym

And I'm writing this now as you sleep
My arm tingling, about to join you
But I can't snooze
Thinking about the luck I have come upon
To be buried under the weight of your arm
As you're hogging the bed
Not realizing, just trying to get close to me

Lucky to have someone so in love
My arm is legitimately falling asleep. My pinky is tingling.
Liz Devine Jan 2017
Waking at six to another bleak morning
outside, I can hear two pigeons calling back and forth
complaining about the cold, I suppose

The grey light coming through my windows
illuminates my white walls
my world appears fuzzy, dream-like
and the birds are quieter now

I can hardly hear them,
as I drift off slowly to sleep
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