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Anna Vigue May 2015
Mothers day is fine
I don't mind it
not one bit
except when TV tells me
to buy up gifts n' ****

I really love my mother
I love her every day
so if I spend some money
will it be better
love to play?

If I buy her pretty flowers
or a fancy Ipod case
will she think that I so love her
more than words
could ever say?

How 'bout I draw a picture
just like the good ol' days
or make her something special
like an ashtray
made of clay

My kids I know they love me
they show me all the time
they don't need to
buy me presents
I know that they are mine.
Think freely, forget commercialism, enjoy your family with time not $$$$$$
Anna Vigue Apr 2015
What year is this anyway?
What did high school mean to me?
What did high school take from me?
My individuality
My sense of immortality

probably din't help
very much
it must have helped
that I
Remember when it was Banger, Rapper, Preppy?  At least it was that way here in middle class suburbia in the early 90's.
Anna Vigue Jan 2015
Scrupulous Empowerment
Endowed upon our Government
A System that us Citizens
Employ without much Dissonance

Listening without Learning
Driving but not Driven
Waiting to be Waistless
Adoring the Adornments

And being nothing more than that.
Anna Vigue Dec 2014
remember who you was
and remember who you wouldn't
remember if you Should'ave
and remember if you Couldn't
the things that happened Yesteryear
are gone like yesterday
the things that will
you could drink in a Frappe

ask the happy What Not
he was gone, like yesterday
the things that will tomorrow
are now gone
like Ice Capades
I love the rhythm and cadence of Alligator Pie, so fun to read.  So I like to play with syllables when I write.  I saw the Smurfs Ice Capades  at my local Memorial Centre when I was a kid.
Anna Vigue Dec 2014
"Nice hair
did you dye it that colour
so you could look like me?"

Those looks
The one off comments
I knew I was Different

When I was little
boys chased my bike and
threw rocks and me

When I was older
boys put notes in
my locker

While girls did
what girls do
which was often
(at that age)
not very nice

Those witty
pre teen
Anna Vigue Dec 2014
Bus late
First date
Shoulda bought a car
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