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annh May 2020
I want to fall into myself - to leave should’s, must’s,
and need to be’s scattered inconsequentially in my wake.

I want to dive deeply - to loosen my shoulders,
relax my arms, and slacken my griping fingers.

I want to uncoil my imagination - to revel in a crystal night sky,
a cool breeze, and a pink moon rising.

I want to meet the nomad - solitary, suspended in a sky-borne
playa, and blazing a trail to infinity.

'In order to understand the world, one has to turn away from it on occasion.'
- Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus and Other Essays
Amanda Kay Burke May 2019
I am not sure how to fix what's been broken
Scared I lose another piece of you with each word spoken

Everything I don't or do seems to never be right
When I try to figure out the reason we just fight

How many poor decisions can I possibly make
Before my ****-ups are too much for you to take?

Afraid if I loosen my grip you'll slip away and disappear
But the harder I clutch the less you want me near
Oh the irony
Poetic T Sep 2018
I clung to hope,
              but it was to tight
                             to loosen.

I swung silently in despair.
Jayantee Khare Aug 2017
Moment by moment,
the miles melt,
In a fire unknown,
the dew drops swelt.

Desires deepen
as the dusk darkens,
The eyes tell all
As the moon brightens!

The signal sent by
the series of sighs,
Fans the faint flames,
The hope revives!

Arousing the long
laid back longing,
Be mine!
Says the intoxicating evening!

A carvan of dream
passed the past night,
The setting sun says,
"Realize it tonight!"

Enchanting evening,
makes the hearts sing,
Forgetting everything,
Let's loosen the string!
Sunset on full moon night
Arouse the passion..
One odd romantic poem i could write...haha
aylin Jan 2016
loseen the grip
that's in your finger tips
wrapped around your neck

for it can not take back
the words
you never said
in your head

loosen the tape
that binds
around your irregular waist

for it won't mold your shape
deep enough
to change the state
of your breaking heart

loosen the chains
that have been broken
from your ankles
instead of holding them
in place
with your unforgiving hands

loosen me

until i am free enough
to fall at your feet
Eleanor Rigby Feb 2015
When love hits two people
It's far beyond their capacity
It's not a choice.
Like God, bored in his kingdom,
Ordered the angels
To stitch them together
As one piece of fabric
Through thick and thin.

Then the Devil, jealous of such union,
Does his best to set them apart again.
He tries loosening the threads,
Uses scissors to rip them.
He even makes little unnoticeable holes
Just to damage the cloth.

But they must be smart
They must see through his villain attempts
At spoiling the embroidery of love
God sewed on the cloth of their heart.
They must resist.

Sometimes they do
Sometimes they don't.


— The End —