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Twalib Mushi Jul 2018
Welcome to the informational age
We're enjoy the world of technology
Never felt this modern world could emerge
Magical world with braveness and courage.

Welcome to the social media age
As everything we do is on page
We live like birds in a cage
It makes us falling into a rage.

Welcome to the insane and madness age
To make headlines,create a **** sweet savage
Can't believe we're on this stage
But we are still holding our grudge.

Welcome to the sweetest scientific age
Your reputation,you better manage
Like passenger manage it, as your luggage
Saving it, save safe from the salvage.
Tha Noyz Jul 2018
Wake me up,
Do not forget me
See me, hear me
Nobody can bear it.
Once it looked like a mortal dream
Then time is up.
Pick me up from the earth,
The earth that i live smoothly, gently;
To savageness.
Shayn Powell May 2018
At first, I was
blown away,
**** I thought, this
girl is cool,
come my way.

A dime in the
eyes of Shayn.
This isn't a game,
you came onto me
now your ex has
messaged so you
up and leave?

**** a Gremlin,
You're a beast.

A savage at
the very least.
You have no
respect for anybody
but yourself.
I'm not the one little
girl i'll make you
life a living hell.

College this,
college that,
blah blah,
It's clear you spoke
our of your ***.
I wont lose sleep
over it though, you're
just a glimmer in my past.
misty Apr 2018
A mocking armour
of rancid tragedy and depleted
self-esteem. He bears it, strong and cruel, in all it’s comical glory.
Trampling on good fortune and cursing the Almighty
shunning the world and it’s people for his own damnation.
Made from his very own hands. Guilty digits
surrounding savage palms.
Contaminated with lust and
a thirst to turn everything into dust.
He is known as man.
Poetic T Mar 2018
God is like hide and seek ,
           but you're the only one
           trying to find someone
                       who isn't really there...
Lexie Oct 2017
No matter what horrible things you do you're always going to tell me it's my fault, that I deserve it, that I will never be better than I am right now, what you made me out to be. The truth is very different, I am a Phoenix and I Rise Above, and I am the light to contradict your dark, and Honey Boo Boo's karma is coming to you soon and you get all the blame. Because I'm a tree darling and I'm throwing all the shade.
Trisha Lapeciros Sep 2017
The Devil Inside the Angel

I'm just a simple person who seems to be happy
Yet you judged me without even knowing my full story
A simple phrase can leave a scar to your heart
A scar that will make your heart be torn apart.

So stop playing with all my emotions
Or you'll make me make bad decisions
And if you're here so you could just hurt me
Then I'd rather you leave me lonely.

People always call me a bunch of names
Sorry but I ain't playing your little games
Someone said, "It isn't nice to hold a grudge"
But who cares? Who are you to judge?

Don't tell me what to do, don't tell me what to say
Cause I'm not one of your toys that you need to play
Hurt you and forget that you even exist
They were just added up to my bucket list.

"You're ****", "You're not cool"
I maybe dumb but I'm not a fool
Talk smack about me but I don't care
Cause I'll be the one starring in your own nightmare.

Be careful what you wish for
Cause I'm not the good guy anymore
I'm tired of always being the nice guy
So I think it's time for him to say goodbye.

This time I'm a little bit savage
Like a tiger that got out of its cage
Some things are better left unsaid
That's why the old me is now dead.

I rose up from the ashes like a dark phoenix
With my heart forever broken and can't be fixed
Bursting my anger into burning flames
And you're the reason why, you're the one I blame.

You don't know how rude I can be
I won't even accept your apology when you say sorry
I don't want to be the victim anymore
So I guess it's your problem, and that's for sure.

I'll let my bashers and haters hate
I'll do nothing, I'll just wait
And just let karma handle their fate
Sorry not sorry cause it's too late.

Your judgement can't stop my happiness
And my silence is not a sign of weakness
Throw me to the wolves but I'll come back
And when I do, I'll be leading the pack.

Enough of this thing, enough of this drama
I'll just sit down and wait for your karma
Everybody's got a wicked side
But mine just seems it doesn't wanna hide

I don't get mad, I get evil
My heart used to be soft, it used to be gentle
My face may seem to be like an angel
But hurt me and you'll surely see the devil.

By: Sherwin Cubero
This poem is not mine. If you're going to use it, please credit the Author. Thank you.
Crimsyy Aug 2017
She won't like
what I've got to say,
Well, should have
behaved a better way,
now I'm here,
feeling my best
and I have no regrets,
tell the girl bye
because I won't cry.

I'm unapologetic,
her act, so pathetic,
she messed with a bad *****,
turned apathetic I'm
moving on to ****,

And now she better
walk that other way,
better have nothing to say,
the tables have turned,
left her to burn.
You better walk that other way,
because there's nothing
left to salvage,
you messed with a savage *****
and I won't be
providing no bandage,
I've moved on, unapologetic.

- Crimsyy

**A/N: This is what occurs when someone messes with a savage poet. Here's a hint: you won't get away with it. Thankyou for reading! What do you think of this poem?
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