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Rhys Hebbs Oct 2020
Ivory towers only seek to alienate;
The ones who cherish an elephants grace.
For those who build their homes
out of the bones
of a dying world
will proudly play their fiddles
as all of the chaos and riddles
of a burning Rome unfurls
SA Szumloz May 2020
Burning crosses, swarming birds
City in flames, anti-Christ stirred
You're far from being a hero
My dear Nero.

Motherly omens, fiddle music
Jealous rage, killing cupid
When will your reign end,
My haunted friend?

An angry senate, an empty boat
A mad man stabbed in the throat
By his own hand, by his own wish
I want your head served on a dish.

This is your bloodbath, Emperor
Hell is now you empire.
Chris May 2019
Nero is bald,
He's also fat,
He's ugly and devilishly fast.

Nero's a killer,
Nero is here,
He's ugly and his voice is clear.

Nero is angry,
He's madly mad,
He's ugly and so, so sad.

Nero is real,
He's truly true,
He's ugly and he lives in you.
stop me
NeroameeAlucard Aug 2016
If I had something inspiring on my mind don't you think that I would've written it by now
I love being a writer but sometimes it gets me down
The pressure escalates like the water in the everglades to top myself, like pulling miracles out of my head is a miraculous act
I can't turn water into wine And I can't turn stacks of hay into clever punchlines
I guess what I'm trying to say, like Dr. Mccoy  is that I'm a writer not a magician
I can only take what myself and others have gone through, and turn it into something relatable, that maybe just maybe someone will take something positive out of what was written
R Dickson Mar 2015
Hey ****** ******,
The cars do a twiddle,
They twist and turn on the road,
Dodging the *** holes,
Some with broken controls,
I've even seen some being towed,

Hey ****** ******,
The road in the middle,
Needs a little repair,
If you can swing by,
And give it a try,
And pretend you're a council that care,

Hey ****** ******,
Thanks for the repair in the middle,
But the road needs a whole new coat,
Take care when crossing,
Cause the road's all rutting,
You'll need to be a mountain goat.

Hey ****** ******,
Is the council on the fiddle,
Just like Nero did in Rome,
Please come and fix it,
You'll need to bring a tar pit,
Cause it's shaking the walls in my home.
A poem to the council about road repair that doesn't go right.
Kyle Kulseth Jun 2014
Befriended street lamps' static hum
Timed steps slashed through electric buzz
Fled from the dawn's grey stain
chased night with anxious breath
Out­flanked and pinned down
                                         by the days

Strike up the band, roisin the bows.
Compose another tired piece.
I dread the melody
and cringe away
                              from the next movement
I'm only up for burned out wandering.

     Another balance overdue
Took out a loan for time well spent
     Roll out the carpets for the doomed
It's unforgiving turf where our steps are bent

I'll draw these lines
     of ghostly profile night
and coax the specters out
We'll roll on with the tides
     where we can dance macabre
until the core unwinds.

Defend the fort for sleeping ghosts
I'll man these walls until the dawn.
I'll fight these memories
beneath the banner of
                                  some others
Shell-shocked with gun arm
                                  growing sore

Outside, the sidewalks glow red-orange
I throw my shadow on the sparks.
Charred homes on cindered streets
I draw my bow
                           across shaking half notes
Chart out a map of burnt meanderings.

     Default on friendships I misplaced
I'm wrapped tight in familiar fear.
     But I'll warm to those familiar strains...
Because it's 5 o'clock somewhere, and Summer's here...

I'll cross the lines
     into the ghostly night
and wake the specters up
As fires kiss the night
     so I can sleep real sound
and let my core unwind.

— The End —