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Naya May 2021
I see your beaming light
I see safety in your arms ahead,
I'm coming home to you.

I sail towards you,
I am so happy.

but you turn your light off,
and I see nothing.
all that's ahead is darkness amongst these crashing vigorous waves.

You send me away,
so far away and I don't know why.

I drift endlessly into this unlit sea,
along with these bewildered thoughts I have of you.

I sail away,
sadly so far away from you.
Naya May 2019
I hold you up so high, it’s like you could grasps the spangled stars that are in mere reach of you;
and I wonder why sometimes,
for I too deserve this divine view
when there is no balance, i'm better off on my own
Naya Mar 2019
A shimmer in your marble eyes when the light is just right,
a lucent sparkle that will stay with me;
forever, it will stay like a diamond lost in the deepest of seas
Naya Feb 2019
A visable beam of light,
gleaming through the darkest of clouds and down into the bay

A beautiful sight ahead of us,
forever engraved

A moon so large, I can draw the happiest face
All I can do is inhale the cold breeze and smile at the sky
Then I softy say,
I am truly thankful for this feeling,
as the sky is my only ceiling
And in this moment,

I am more than just alive
Naya Feb 2019
In solitude, is where I long to be.
Away from muffled voices and gossip stained lips
I’d rather go crazy,
driven by my own irrational thoughts than be forced to put a smile on my powdered disguised face.

I want to be countless of miles away,
far, far away.
Free to be me is where I truly long to be.

You may leave me,
For thee drains me of the little energy I wake to.

So come and go as you please.
Then eventually leave me,
and let me freely be.
Naya Jan 2019
Don’t grow old she said,
“keep your muscles tight and your figure small”
“..and have a little fun with the boys”

You see, your back will curve like the windy seaside road of Route One,
and your skin will fall,
fall straight down to the depths of lost and unremarkable time.

But worst of all, your mind will play *****,
it will make you question everything you once knew so well,
it becomes your worst enemy.
Yet, you ironically don’t want it to slip away any further.

“Stay young, darling...” she said,
“..time is your own illusion, so pretend as if it is never there.”

— The End —