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breeze Nov 2021
a bittersweet taste hits my evening
as time for a rest enteres the bar
and then my eyes spark search for meaning,
as for some regular not far.

so frivolously the clock is playing,
a beat preserves it as a holy scroll,
albeit, the feeling it keeps slaying,
this buzz just lacks a pinch of soul.

as tapster sees my face is sinking,
he offers me his novel brew,
I, with a passion, try to drink it.
sadly, I'm feeling nothing new.

it doesn't matter if cocktails change,
if textures find another flavour,
as long as barmen keeps the range,
This tavern shall then lose its savor.
Reposting it because I had to change few things: like name, a bit of structure and the rhyme.
Hope you will enjoy it.
breeze Aug 2021
As I am falling into the abyss,
I try to hold on to a thing,
yet there is no way to resist
cold-blooded gravity of swing.

My head chill air begins to hit,
and with the accelerating speed
I'm wondering: "Shall this be it?"
My eyes feel heavy, I think: "Indeed."

A moment later I hear them scream,
as time slows down I face a flow,
I follow it and think: "Bad dream,"
Eyes closed farewelled by dancing snow.
breeze Aug 2021
As the darkness covers all,
All of above and of below,
As the night's hugging man's soul,
One ought resist not hidden glow.

As the silence starts to grow,
Buried fear must then unfold.
Shall now face he purest blow
Of the feelings that one holds.
breeze Aug 2021
In every instant of the way
a man kept playing an offbeat game.
He's welcomed by the light of day,
though not at it man held his aim,
and night endowed him time to lay,
but man felt night will make him tamed.
Days passed as one kept straying far away.
He loathed the world, bad fate he blamed.
First week of May ended his rigid play,
at his last breath appeared a clear frame:

There was no light to welcome
nor he had time to lay.
There was just death awaiting,
for it has men to tame.

breeze Mar 2021
The wind takes it all, then why am I happy?
The storm sparks a wave, then why do I chase it?
I know in this case, it might crush me one day.
I, though, being silly, perceive it as blessing!
breeze Dec 2020
it takes a tiny moment
an ephemeral blink
for such a bizarre comet
change time with novel ink.

it takes a sparkling feeling
a minor flash of chance
for such a little healing
turn life into a dance.
breeze Mar 2020
It’s 3 AM and I woke up?
Amidst the walls I cast my gaze
And at this night each thing froze up
Except my heart that’s full of blaze.

And chilly air keeps knocking the window,
It’s windy. I shift my sight towards that flow.
My body shiver leaving warm pillow.
Wow, the lonely street that’s full of snow?

I think of you and of that dream ,
Is it my ice queen whom I saw?
And did you reach me with your beam?
And of your love am I in awe?

It all feels strange.
The snow in spring,
Me in your range,
What will it bring?
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