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ottaross Oct 27
"With the going down of the sun
And in the morning" go the memorable lines
And when the sun sets in my corner of the planet
It does indeed seem a good time for remembrance.

From the days when we lived among trees and grasses
The setting of the sun must have been a touch-point
For gathering one's clan members close
And with the brightening of each new day
There must have come a great but quiet relief
To have made it to the other side of the great darkness.

In a quiet twilight today
With the season's leaves all on the ground
After a blustery night yesterday
I think about the coming night ahead
Only in terms of slowing down,
Some good food
And an anticipated restful sleep.

But there are little gaps here and there in our lives
Aren't there?
The ones just away
Or whom we have lost for good.

And at the going down of the sun
And in the morning
They are with us briefly again.
Remembrance and nightfall
ottaross Oct 25
Flit away on the wind
Swirling like autumn leaves
Twisting on the sidewalk

Children or dogs run through
Chasing this leaf then that
Then another distracts and they're off

Raked into a pile on the lawn
A gust blows them all away again
Tumbling down the street

Colours turn into browns,
Crisp turns into soil, sustenance for trees
Their branches reaching skyward

Sometimes I'm like the trees
Sometimes I'm like the leaves
Sometimes leafing, sometimes leaving.
Autumn and life cycles
ottaross Oct 23
Rumours like echoes
That reverberate off ice
Memories sometimes just don't feel like playing nice

They are the textures
Of the fabric that I wear
The holes, a coldness  
Through the stitches you made there.

Still the darkening of the day
Leaves long shadows
That persist in the strangest ways
And a chilling wind blows
Until the night swallows up
All the light

I send out words for the living
Thin but bright as if of chrome
Returning echoes are the ones that make it home.
ottaross Feb 14
I am much taller in person
Than I am on your screen.

They say that the camera puts on ten pounds
But the images in my memory weigh a tonne.

A picture of you paints a thousand words
In a language I struggle to understand.

Absence makes the heart grow fonder
Unless you've left your heart behind.
ottaross Feb 8
Nothing from the world
Silence like a bell that rings
I make my own noise
ottaross Feb 8
Who is it that comes?
A crunch from the pathway heard
Icy frozen steps
ottaross Feb 8
Even in words
Rain in rivulets
To downspout deluge
Into permeable ground

Even as gestures
Sleet blown horizontal
Skiffs of snow on asphalt
Frozen edges on puddles

Even as texture
Abrasive granules of desert sand
In berms of dun, and fallow, and sepia
Soft and warm in the sun.
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