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Secret-Author May 28
Don't be afraid.
The apostrophe is purposeful -
It connects you to your neighbour,
Although this is your terminal
You're permeable. Like the apostrophe.
I pass through you. Like aircrew
Only here for the flight, and not the
Destination. I digress. I must alight.
This is my terminal, and we are not connected.
Do not be afraid.
Hope is difficult to find, and even harder to bottle.
Secret-Author May 27
The time has come, the girl did say,
To speak of many things,
To see the tower and the palace stand,
A home to Kings and Queens.

Now the sun is here to shine it's fearful rays on me -
The girl most royal of all.
To be fair and wise, and beautiful,
And to break all protocol.
Secret-Author Apr 21
Like every day,
Oh, so lonely.
Or who can say
Towards who knows?
On this sea.
Sailing alone.
I cannot be.
I cannot move.
Secret-Author Apr 21
I want to swallow myself whole
and feel this pain implode on itself.

I want to bite my flesh
and spit poison on the street.

I want to claw my face off
and look the way I feel: an old onion.

I want to die now
and take this weight off these tired feet.
Secret-Author Jan 14
I am nothing to no-one.
Like a comet, you cannot find me.
Only catch a glimpse.
Out of the corner of your eye.
As I disappear in a blink.
To someone else's space.
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