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Secret-Author Nov 2019
Hello world, that loved me cruelly,
It's time to say goodbye, so truly,
No more shoes put on my feet,
No more people to meet and great,
As it stands I've had enough to date,
To know that this should be my fate,
So when you see me, say goodbye,
There will not be a hey, or hi.
Secret-Author May 2019
Don't be afraid.
The apostrophe is purposeful -
It connects you to your neighbour,
Although this is your terminal
You're permeable. Like the apostrophe.
I pass through you. Like aircrew
Only here for the flight, and not the
Destination. I digress. I must alight.
This is my terminal, and we are not connected.
Do not be afraid.
Hope is difficult to find, and even harder to bottle.
Secret-Author May 2019
The time has come, the girl did say,
To speak of many things,
To see the tower and the palace stand,
A home to Kings and Queens.

Now the sun is here to shine it's fearful rays on me -
The girl most royal of all.
To be fair and wise, and beautiful,
And to break all protocol.
Secret-Author Apr 2019
Like every day,
Oh, so lonely.
Or who can say
Towards who knows?
On this sea.
Sailing alone.
I cannot be.
I cannot move.
Secret-Author Apr 2019
I want to swallow myself whole
and feel this pain implode on itself.

I want to bite my flesh
and spit poison on the street.

I want to claw my face off
and look the way I feel: an old onion.

I want to die now
and take this weight off these tired feet.
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