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NAL Jan 26
God said that I was his favorite,
but the Devil leaned and whispered:
"I used to be his favorite too."
Ylzm Aug 2019
Profusely thanking their gods and goddesses
when striking it big
Slinking silently from the table
when losing it all
But ever faithful to their capricious gods
Never ever seeing the ever seeing eye
Or the hidden algorithms
Calculated to lure you again and again
To play and pay for the thrills
That by Chance you're the gods' favoured one.
Ylzm Jun 2019
Cain killed Abel, for Abel was favoured.
Losers need losers, for then nobody wins.
Rather a robber be king, and all be robbed.
The mark, a small price to despise the favoured.
Why Trump? Because *******! That’s why.
Courtney Gaura Jan 2015
It's edges are worn
Well loved pages
A tear here
Because of a careless
Barrower - a friend
A fellow book reader
Book lover
Lost in your words
Oh great authors
It's cover worn
But still intact
I'll read it every
Six months
It never gets old
Dog eared pages
When I could never find
a book mark
Now I have a collection
Maybe forty now
My favored book
I'll read it forever
Until I find another book
By the author
But still in my heart
It collects
Moments and momentos
Of my life
My first love note
Pictures of friends
Long forgotten
My scribbled ideas
And fragmented art
All my dreams
Both in sleep and in waking hours
And it is my hope
My good friend
My future
That it lives on
Each page
Every word
My favored book

— The End —