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Cozyflowz May 16
Run the race of life at your own pace, if origins defines race then we are all Africans,
Life is a journey it takes a minute to by pass an hundred kilometres,
Let's not allow our differences ****** the glory inside us,

We are all humans, we are one, let's make it a better place for you and I,
Killing one another can never resolve the issues on ground

Because I'm black doesn't stop me from walking in the midst of whites,
Races doesn't really exist for us because  it has never been an hinders. Black folks don't have that choice.

I'm black I can't own a bank in los Angeles, because the white folks thinks its a barrier to them,
If origins define race then the entire human is Africa,
We need to encourage one another, nobody is perfect in all that is doing.

Hatred paralyzes life, love heals it, hatred confuses life
Love harmonize it, returning violence for violence courses violent,
It add more darkness to the human race,

Let's come together and make peace, God didn't create us to look our differences,he created us to love one another,
Let's fight for peace, let's make this world a better place, let's together run this races and win it in peace.

Poem by CozyFlowz
We are one human, we shouldn't look at colors differences.
Darryl M May 2019
I’m of colour, ain’t you?
Do dogs see a pitbull, or just another dog?
Are we animals of our own, or just animalistic?

Fat we call it, we laugh.
Ugly we call it, we laugh.
Strange we call it, we avoid.
Different we call it, we exclude.

Unfamiliar faces to us,
Like stolen goods, we touch not.
Like a judge making a ruling, we talk not.

Is a stranger a stranger, when we come short of association?
Or are we too proud of associating?

I don’t believe in Ugly.
I believe in a stupidly distorted view of people.
Kyla Plummer Dec 2018
Eyes close. Now-
Everything is perfect.
Clean air, perfect
Rays of sunlight.
Dandelions, sunflowers to roses,
All gather in a field
Near a beautiful spring.
Caramel, Chocolate and vanilla,
Pass each other by on the streets,
Shaking hands and hugging,
Even kissing cheeks.
They laugh together,
All flavours combined;
Chugging beers, eating chicken,
From the same plate.

My mind wonders,
Is it all real?
How are these flavours mixed?
When did these flavours mix?
Where was I? And-
More specifically,
What time is this?
How are they so oblivious,
To this kind of bliss?

Eyes open.
I lay in a grassy field,
But its not green.
It's made of red and yellow-orange.
I look around-
But guess just what I see?

Ashes kiss the air,
In perfect layers.
Buildings burn,
Vanilla whipping chocolate;
Laughing vigorously.
I feel sticky, wipe my face.
It's not sweat, its my blood,
From a concussion.
The one that sent me-
To that ****** piece of-
Brent Kincaid Jul 2018
Southerners said “You’re white!”
They’re black, and that’s not all right,
But you’re okay because you’re white.”
But that’s not right because I’m not white.
I’m sort of a pasty pinkish beige
So, why is it the rage to say white?
And black? That is usually the wrong tack.
I know people that say they are black
And others yak about black folk
In hateful, racist jokes, but they too
Are not black. They’re color runs from
As light as a cup of milky tea
To the color of a kukui nut.

So what is this black and white crap?
It’s a trap for some who don’t know
What to call other people because
They’re trained to call other people
Some name besides just people.
It has to be what color people
Trained under school bell and steeple
To talk this way and veer away
From the point they are making,
The risk they are taking by seeing
Something else besides a human being.
Instead they focus on something unreal
And therefore manage not to feel.

It’s really so sad, and so demeaning
To zap so much meaning from someone
Who has a life, loves, joys and pain;
Let's remain aloof from giving names
And incorrectly worded colors to them.
Don't pretend that you are being kind
When you teach yourself to be blind
To the beauty and the joy of boys
And girls who are not from your race
And to replace love and opportunity
With fear, suspicion and enmity.
It is quite simply a common tragedy.
Udit Vashishth Jun 2018
Let's not talk about our ethnicity.
Let's,for a while, we don't see our races.
Let's not,for some individual's fault, blame the whole community.
Let's not judge someone just by looking at their faces.

Let's not isolate someone just beacuse he prays some other God.
Let's not detach those strings just because he's not one of you.
Let's not, by seeing someone's clothes, feel odd.
Let's just peep into those inner feelings which are always true.

Let's not create hierarchies in caste & treat everyone equally.
Let's not differentiate any man or woman.
Let's not think ourselves superior & become bully.
Let's, just for once, we all become human.
When God sent us here, he didn't assign races, religions and all with our names. He sent us as human beings - One common race. Then who are we to discriminate anyone on such basis that never even existed.
Jiawen 张 Apr 2018
We, the humans.
Born like pieces of plain paper.
To live is to paint.
Every single step adds different colors.
The Black.
Rich like the soil on the earth.
The beauty of colourful cultures.
The White.
Clean like the snow in the winter.
The beauty of pure winter wonderland.
The Latinos.
Sweet like the chocolate in your mouth.
The beauty of black and white.
The Asians.
Deep like the book in your hands.
The beauty of ancient wisdom.
The Natives.
Pure like the earth under your feet.
The beauty of nature as it is.
If white is added to cover all colors,
Everything will be white washed.
If there is only white in this world,
There will be no other colors on the earth.
We, the humans.
We are one species on the earth.
We all bleed.
Red inside.
From a colored female
Jas Aug 2017
The melanin which coats my skin so effortlessly
Propagates poetry, completely faultless
I am empowered and feared
Like an electric fence surrounding the perimeter
Of a jail house or asylum
Both on either side recognize me
As something without entry or exit

"You're cute for a black girl"
Is what they say to me -
Though my knees fastened in position
Standing tall
I am supposed to bend and bow,
To accept this "compliment" and condemn
Others before and after me
To accept is to limit the scope of beauty
Because I am
The exception;
I'm "cute for a black girl." 

To all of the people
With an outlook on life
That only encompasses the width and length of a rabbit hole
I salute your stupidity and arrogance
Your firm belief in marching behind those
Truly one of a kind, 100% seen faux compliments
That I am not supposed to be offended by -

When we all know every offensive statement begin with "no offense,"

How about
You're cute for an *******
You're absolutely **** for an imbecile -
Who needs abs when you've got this?
For anyone who has received this golden compliment of the highest order, do not let the giver slide away so easily. "Compliments such as these need to be burned and burried.
Maria Etre Jun 2017
Great things
come to those
who don't assume
for the mind races to
that reality
has failed
to yet
Andrew T Dec 2016
You’re eyes are black and white
They make me think you have an old soul
They remind me of classic films,
Of the dusty keys on our piano
Different races but no winner from competition.
I wonder
What these sunglasses will do for you
Ignatius Hosiana Jun 2016
always ends where it started
& starts right where it ended
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