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Amanda Brown Jul 2019
As Mercury spun forward, so did we.
We communicated and were happy.
Mercury started to spin backwards.
And so did we.
We started to get angry and stop speaking.
Cierra Norman Jul 2019
Murky mercury
   I thought we settled this?
Now I'm backtracking feelings and lessons once learned...

Align me with positivity & likeness

The heat has been brought & my feet hurt & my brain is on fire from 8 hour work days & broken trust.


this is old stuff.

                                 I'm writing to tell you retro is IN
                                             grades are OUT!

                                                     DON'T TEST ME!
missy brown Apr 2019
retrograde motion
take a pause, a backward step
it's all illusion
ohellobeautiful Apr 2018
i watched you bloom
in retrograde’s view
and felt the stars
fall in Love
with you
Issan Op Mar 2018
“I am free”
My icy wings tearing through the dark blue sky, the
permafrosted landscape below me getting smaller and
farther away and the Sun, its warm, amber rays glistening
on the horizon, beckoning me with its warm touch.
I look back-
Every second counts
I look back-
I see your cold eyes
Frozen pits of mud, obsidian, sparkling like diamonds and
just as hard.
Body of steel.
No blood,
No life,
Froze my wings with your poison tail, your vicious words
covered in sugar, stabbing.
Stole my heart
Oh how frail I was.
I look back-
At the small castle we built, the fireworks, the rose garden,
the old dusty freight, the dim light of the bar where I asked
you to be mine, the bamboo princess (I still have your
pillow), the food trucks and that homeless guy who is
probably dead, the pictures, the mix-tape, the color yellow,
No Doubt, the empty movie theater, the Moon in
Sagittarius where we held each other so close and you
said I smelled of patchouli and that caused me to feel
happiness because it is one of my favorite scents and I
was so glad you liked it too, the warms nights in your cold,
cold room and your hands, your hands…
Will never freeze my wings again.
I look back-
I became human for you and you acted as if I were just
some pigeon or robin or pheasant, you acted
As if our castle
Was made of sand,
Meant to be dissolved.
But how would I know?
The language you speak is all ones and zeros,
The feelings you feel are all bones and marrows
And I am blood
I am skin
I am emotion, Venus
The beauty within.
I look back-
-at you Pluto
Not even a planet
Cold and frozen with eyes of granite
Wires and copper made up your soul
And unfeeling data rules your flow.
I look back-
I asked you how you felt and received
An error four-oh-four.
That process never mattered to me,
Yet always left me craving more.
I look back-
Were my emotions not obvious?
Or were your feelings ambiguous
Intent so dubious
You viewed me as frivolous
Yet you’re continuous
With your cold touch so ferrous
I could understand…
I look back-
Scorpion, you’ll be okay.
As you sit in your world,
All alone, just like you intended,
You let your past rule you.
I look back-
How could we be friends?
Lovers to friends
From seeing the universe inside of someone
To just hanging out once, maybe twice a week.
No, we cannot be friends because that’s just weird.
I look forward-
The Sun has set.
My wings so cold
They’ll thaw and heal in time
And then, Scorpion, maybe we’ll see each other again.
(Good things happen in time, great things happen in
Salmabanu Hatim Dec 2017
My mind has wandered away,
I don't know where I have kept it,
The doctors,friends and family are helping me to find it.
Please help!
Loss of memory can be frustrating.
Nohémie Oct 2017
As my weeks are filled with good days
A sudden thought surfaces into my brain
What if my good days are numbered?
What if I couldn't be granted more by the Universe?
Just like we have 180 days of school
I've got a certain number of good
What if as they happen continuously, regularly
Bad days are to come, to disrupt my routine?
And now, every time I have a good day
I think about how there must be another planet in retrograde
And worry about tomorrow's sake
Danielle Waters Dec 2014
I have no use for negative
e m o t i o n s
No time
No want
to feel hateful
I just don’t
because really, what’s the point?
it’s wasted energy
(as many things were)
And I was never the cynic

When dyspathy surfaces
I try to remember
a past life
when your eyes held
When your lips smiled
coy, enamoring
before revealing
dangerous canines

When sentiment takes hold
I remember
Your naked thigh
******* on the floor
next to the bed
like a scene from a movie
I didn't care to see
but watched all the way through

I bounce between these
counteractive ideas
until there’s a harmony
you’re not a wolf
she’s not a raven
you’re just two people
from a story
obscured by time
Shift in perspective, forward motion.

— The End —