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Desire May 13
Married young with lots to learn.
The journey's been both hard and fun.
Spent seasons apart by earthly seas, and
time together, accordingly - in/as one accord
- the ups and downs have pushed us toward,
growth and strength as we move forward;
a blessing its been, we thank you, Lord!
This date has weight. Lets celebrate‼️
Happy Anniversary ❣️
sara Apr 22
My heart broke and it bled over a few people,
but I couldn't stay to clean up the mess I'd made.
So, we bathed
in blood
in porcelain tubs
and laughed and lied,
and it was enough.

My heart broke and it bled over a few people,
but I couldn't stay to clean up the mess I'd made.
So, we bathed
in blood
in porcelain tubs
and laughed and lied,
and for a while it was love.
Everyone is messy sometimes and it's kind of alright
Miss Fit Apr 1
You and I are as thick as thieves
So I know your nightmares  

You've tossed and turned
Your eyes burned
You rolled and churned
Your sweet dreams were thrown away
And nightmares took their place
The sweet tunes of a lullaby seem to continually fade away
Like you no longer have a special place
In the
Musicians heart.
I know what you face  

From burning hot like fire, everything turned as cold as ice
From wings taking you higher
To being unable to devise
Solutions to rekindle the fire
"This dream has never been yours"
They say
"Had you been a little wiser
You could have owned it," you hear everyday  
The words have turned into the monsters you fear
Mermaids, centaurs, mystical creatures
With long nails, sharp teeth, unrecognizable features
**** joys, depressants, unforgivable teachers
They've scarred you, marred you into an inexplicable stature
But I watch you nurture
The pain 'til it's a part of your nature  

Surprisingly I'm the one fighting everyday
Hoping you won't fail
You're the one in prison denying yourself bail
I'm trying to make you run the sail
But you're walking the plank
Yet I still see a captain in your soul
Every time you come to me in pieces
I'm puzzled
How anyone can fail to accept you never ceases
To leave my mind boggled
Because I understand the colourful 'patchwork' that is your heart
And instead of confusing, raggedy mismatched pieces,
I see a rainbow.    

Miss Fit
Life gives you those people who fail to see their worth and sometimes it's worth it to remind them that you know what they go through.
There's a sorrow in my soul
That I wish to share
But it's hiding behind its own curtain of despair.

I was up all night
Wondering what sadness tastes like;
Smooth as honey with a pinch of spice,

As it drips down the throat,
And settles like acid
Burning the intestines.

He told me what regret looks like:
Heartache and gut-wrenching cries.
I knew, it's misery that resides in his eyes;

Crouching in the corner
Ready to pounce,
Biting into the neck,
As the blood spills out

Scraping old wounds,
Blurry sight.
A closet full of skeletons,
With penance on the mind.

Loss smells a lot like Christmas.
Family gathering around
Sharing memories of a lifetime.

Photographs from 1989,
Same old letters
Scattered around the desk.

People talk about what could be
Heaven and Earth,
And everything in between.

Deceit sounds a lot like a dream
You get out of one,
And fall into another as you sleep.

Shards of glass
Ripping through the spine
As shame builds up a shrine.

Desperation feels a lot like home
You float in the air,
As you cling onto hope.

Somedays are better;
Somedays are worse
But what remains

Is a lesson that has been left unheard.
I wish we weren't so - temporary.
I wish the words 'left' and 'gone' never existed,
And I wish no such assortment of consonants and vowels was ever invented.
But then there's no way around it,or is there?

There was a piano that I played.
An old one,but now its keys are broken.
And I keep on counting as more break.
A life,much like this piano -O the comedian that God is!
I keep on counting - as my friends go away.
I won't hear both-the broken keys,the friends gone.

Friend 1
(My first friend in college - a birthday gift from God,who went away the next birthday)
Remember how I'd always say to you,
'Don't respond to my crap. I'm again falling for a girl.'
And you'd reply briefly,
'Good idea. Falling fast.'

Friend 2
Remember how we'd always talk, starting with,
'Promise you won't tell anybody?'
And we'd talk for hours exchanging embarrassing anecdotes,
Yet,not get tired of it at all.

Friend 3
Remember how you'd say,
'I saw you sitting alone in college.I wanted to come.'
And I would answer,
'Yeah,I do that these days.'

I wish you weren't so - temporary - all of you!
I wish the words 'left' and 'gone' never existed,
I wish you all stayed.
I wish your echoes didn't torment me,the way they do.
Inspired by 'Echoes',composed for piano by Luke Faulkner
(7 pm - sad news)
A soul departed.
And I could not be but incredulous that how so natural a quietus was to be met, when I would most deny it.

(8 pm)
An inch closer to reality.
Or else this- Death, would've been as devoid of taste and essence as a heart that but stalks the fleeting pleasures of an unworthy world.

(9 pm)
I pitied him. And myself (rather selfishly).
He lost a mother.
Oh he lost - a mother, and I have one to lose!

I wonder ,with what subtlety have my heart and mind deceived my even sense of sympathy because,
I vaguely remember if my tears were in realization of the misery of an ever-rejoicing friend,
Or for mere anticipation of what was writ in heavens,for my mother.

I never really admired the man he (my friend) was.
And I never really appreciated his general lack of concern and the apparent absence of mindful demeanor.
But then I came to know the person he really was.
And I cried that night.
And I cried that night talking of him with other friends.
He had found his breezy spring here, seven hours away from the silent autumn that was meant to strike his home.

And now I knew him,
Whose patient smile,kissing the perpetuity of bright harmonies,
Denied bowing down to the contours of a winter twilight.

Oh,now I knew him,
Whose eyes shone like a thousand summer sun- even,
When night's crawling terrors lay unhidden,
Despite the profundity of darkness that showed no mercy.

He lost a mother,oh he lost a mother.
And I have one to lose.

(12:30 am - 7:30 am - the travel)
A visit.
To the autumn,seven hours away.
In the middle of nowhere.
Where he lost a mother.
While the white desert mourned
And the clouds hung low in melancholy.

There,ah,there in the ivory clouds I saw a cleft.
It must have been the door to heaven!
It must have been opened for his mother.
It must have been opened for her.

(8 am)
I saw my friend.
He looked alive,not brilliantly though,
In submission to God's unquestionable will.
Had I looked deeper,I would have found vivacity stone-dead,
I would have found unfathomable grief,
And I would have found life,
Trying to hide from the terrors of its own self.

(2 pm - the funeral)


(3:30 pm - Return)
The tough terrain that we traversed on our way here was smoother now,
And the mimosas had reappeared and the desert seemed less dull.
I wonder why we forget too easily,the matters of 'the bourn from where no traveller returns'.
I wonder why we fall too easily for the winter even though we know what freezings it would bring.
But then it's only so human to forget.
So human to forget.
On death of a friend's mother.
Rita Sailor Jan 24
with all the ******* we did
you could've thought we might at least got some of it right
                          but i felt twice as much when he took my hand tonight
                          i pulled away, of course...
                          at least i'm on a learning curve
Styles Jan 22
We made love
through poetry
our lips touched
and our bodies moved fluently
as your words poured over me;
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