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HerrAichach Sep 2020
I drink too much but it gives me the pleasure of intoxication,
One too many ramifications,
I smoke too much to stun my heart of its beat,
All to avoid the acceptance of defeat.

Problems are associated with you
It's hard to get through
Talking to myself, judging myself and hating myself
So alone without anyone's words of comfort, but oneself

I feel like I want to hurt those who have hurt me.
One too many reasons not to accept their plea
Smoke and mirrors everywhere
One too many reasons not to stay here.
My second piece of poetry written this year, please like, comment or share if you can relate - many thanks.
HerrAichach Sep 2020
They say to care for one another
But how can you say that when thats all I've doing
True love is often taught by your mother
I guess it is what I've always been pursuing.

Don't blame me for when it hits the fan
You will say it is my fault,
I guess they think I am a madman
I guess they forgot about the assault

Where were you when the scars were open.
You was meant to be there to help
I guess it was difficult to be outspoken
Then again you was probably waiting for the yelp.

Karma will come back to bring peace
You will know this very soon
Honestly it will be the masterpiece
Because I am coming out of my cocoon.
Please like, comment or share if you found this to be relatable. This is my first piece for 2020 and for a while. Thanks :)
HerrAichach Aug 2018
My heart is thumping with pain,
I feel ashamed,
The biggest endurance race where there is nothing to gain.
My heart is inflamed.

Pain is the gateway to nothingness,
People only notice  satisfaction,
No one notices the teardrop of weakness.
People only notice the reaction.
New content, I haven’t written anything since nearly two years, I’ll be writing more shortly for 2018.
HerrAichach Nov 2017
Time isn't free but sacrifices are voluntary
People don't understand me, they don't like to understand the contrary

Exhausted with foolish people who are narcissistic by nature
Obsessed with their stature.
HerrAichach Dec 2016
Breaking out with my faults
I can't handle becoming an adult,
My scars are open
My life is determined by someone else' pen

There is no recovery from suicide
There is no place to hide.
I know that I've lived and fought
But what happens when you're a neet who takes bottles in one draught

When you give yourself less but everyone else so much more
Man life ***** when you're poor,
I hate the meds because it makes me feel weak, reliant and unhappy
Shoutout to Dappy.

I almost met my fate yesterday, oh what a feeling of ecstasy.
It almost seemed like a fantasy,
It isn't about the lie, it is how the truth is denied
It isn't about life, it is how you've lived with a knife.
Make comments if you can relate or just wish to comment.
HerrAichach Oct 2016
She makes me feel like superman, so why should I fear.
I am on-duty to protect her, love her and care for her
My only kryptonite are her tears.
She says "you're silly", "overprotective" and "nhnhnhnhnh"

I treat her like my Cleopatra, what she says goes
Will I soon fade out like her past affairs.
She worries too much, she shouts at me, oh how she woes
What else to do but listen, I mean I do truly care.

She asks me; "Do I look fat", I didn't hesitate to give my honesty
You're beautiful everyday, I love everything about you.
She calls me a liar, she starves herself to satisfy others constantly
I say to her that I want to lay with you.

What am I. Your friend, your boyfriend  your fiancee or husband
You say I'm crazy and tell me you love me, but am I enough.
We visit twice a month, yet we are both in London.
Am I a person who you met just for a bluff
This relates to my life. Please like, comment and share if you relate or find it interesting.
HerrAichach Jul 2015
My lips turning grey from the lack of warmth and even maybe love.
I tend to have random shivers time-to-time, with cold hands that seem lifeless.
Some people visit their friends or family and ignore me because they assume I am different, I am alone, and they are above.
My heart shrieks of distress because my body has been compressed within these four walls, and no-one to press against.

Minutes, hours and days have passed where no-one has asked me why am I here or what has started this.
Is there really no life for me that will become a bliss.
Should I give up now because the pain is too much to repair
I feel as if I am not a prisoner, but treated like a caged bear.
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