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Nitika Sharma Jul 15
Who is this stranger?

An acquaintance
I want to be familiar with.
Aroma that fills all void of
my mind's grid.
Rain drops after a dust storm.
The one with whom my heart
feels completely warm .
Don't you think regrets take you far
Don't press more
The past painful scar
Let it heal
The time will reveal
Ego is nothing but the insecurities
hiding behind sarcastic raised voices.
She knows that look on his face
She knows that catatonic chunks of his heart
got stuck between her words space
He is Her only wish
She loves Him beyond any glitch
Tied Strings are a way Stronger !!
But See the sky Kites can't fly  any longer !!
Story of Two Hearts
Is it the Dance floor that played the Dart?

Hands clinged
Beats Swinged
Rhythmic Dance
Retro Romance
Locked Eyes
Fluttering Flies

You are the one He whispered
Either you or None She replied
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