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Nitika Sharma May 28
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In a Blink

Everything can Sink


And See things reciprocate

Certainty is a Myth

Emotions per second Flip

Thoughts twist with every beat

Life judging statements

mould in its own intense heat

In a Blink

The Pain you Drink

Crystal Heart that Sink

Brings you to a Link

A link to The Supreme Power

A link to seeking answers  you desire

In midway of right and wrong

Here You find your Song

A Song of Serene Peace

Lyrics flow with Rising Breeze

In a Blink

You find a Link

A Link to an Uncertain Certainty


And See Serenity reciprocate
My book " A Swing in Heaven " available on Amazon globally
Nitika Sharma Feb 19
How Can I Blame Noise
When Chaos Creates Musings by choice

How can I Blame Melancholic Nights
when it pulls out the strongest part of me previously hidden inside the curtains of fright

How can I Blame Life
When I get treated as my emitted vibes

How can I Blame Death
When I do not own my own breath

How can I Blame Love
When its existence seems a questionable bluff

How can I blame Mess
When Perplexity produced Poetry
as bleeding pen on paper press
A piece from my book "A Swing in Heaven"
Nitika Sharma Oct 2020
My Heart perceives warming  jitters
When Happiness in those eyes of yours  glitters
Nitika Sharma Oct 2020
Take my Hand
while crossing  path
Leave the shadow
When it needs to part
Take my Breath
To rhythm your Beats
Leave my Heart
When it burns in Heat
Take my Love
to heal your scars
Cut the strings
when my soul departs

Nitika Sharma
Nitika Sharma Sep 2020
Thoughts slipped away like sand
As he stands beside me holding my hand
Nitika Sharma Jul 2020
Who is this stranger?

An acquaintance
I want to be familiar with.
Aroma that fills all void of
my mind's grid.
Rain drops after a dust storm.
The one with whom my heart
feels completely warm .
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